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Traffic Strategy

How are you going to locate and reach your target audience? That’s the core question behind your traffic strategy.

We have a wide range of possible traffic channels, and there are new ones appearing all the time.

There is not enough time to get good at every channel, so we have to choose intelligently which channels deserve our attention.

That’s the problem I want to address with this series.

Introduction Videos

Part One: 3 minutes

Why traffic strategy is so essential to your profitability.

Part Two: 17 minutes

I give you a whistlestop tour of some of the main traffic channels, and start to examine the factors that can make each one appropriate (or inappropriate).

Strategy Video #1: KindleStation.com

(18 minutes)

In the very first marketing & traffic strategy video I look at KindleStation.com, a packaged ebook publishing and marketing service.

It quickly becomes apparent that SEO, PPC, social, and other familiar channels are unlikely to be a good match for this brand’s particular strategic environment, but there is one approach that I think looks very appealing.

Strategy Video #2: SevenVerbs.com

(31 minutes)

This is a great example of a marketing campaign that, in my view, is not yet ready to take to market. When we apply the Circuit tests (are our brand, service, proposition, problem, and market well-defined, distinct, and clearly communicated) we get a picture of an overall proposition that appears to be trying to be too broad.

In this half-hour video, I compare the positioning of the current proposition to another provider in the same space for which I did some copywriting a few months ago, which raises some interesting insights.

Here’s the A-to-B video I refer to in the analysis above.

Strategy Video #3: Local Gym Marketing

(15 minutes)

Aaron asked me for advice on driving traffic for his client: a gym. I think that, after you have covered the bases for local search, Facebook is the ideal platform for growing a local business like this — provided you get creative and find ways to use the channel to its full potential!