Link-Building: What You Must Know for 2014

Ken McGaffin

It’s a warm and sunny Friday afternoon, and I just got off a call with Ken McGaffin – one of the world’s foremost experts in link-building.

If you don’t already know Ken, he was one of the original founders of WordTracker, and the one person I go to if I want the FACTS about SEO that really works.

For me, the call was humbling and inspiring, as it always is chatting with Ken! The wisdom and insight he imparts in under 50 minutes is awesome.

I’ve posted a recording here so that you can discover…

  • The #1 worst mistake you are probably making in link-building!
  • A stupidly simple fix that will immediately get you 60%-70% more backlinks!
  • What you need to know about Google’s recent changes – and the two major factors that are already impacting ranking!
  • And a sneaky trick for getting highly-paid journalists to do your link-building research for you… for free!

First, Listen to the Interview!

Download MP3 file

Then… Get Ken’s Full Link-Building Course… and SAVE $200!

If you’re a web designer or marketer – or if you have your own business websites – this material in “GET LINKS” will repay your investment many times over.

The course is usually $399, but you can get it today for $199 (saving of $200.00)!

(I cannot recommend Ken highly enough. If you’re serious about beating your competition – or helping your clients beat theirs! – he is the man to learn from!)

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