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Web Page Reviews

web-page-reviewsI am offering all early-bird Premium subscribers a special bonus: to submit one web page for me to review.

To add one of your pages, just add a comment on this page.

#1 – Black and White Health and Safety

baw-has.co.uk (16 minutes)

Here’s review number one. It’s a UK-based consultancy. Among many other notes, this review includes analysis of…

  • Priority vs. noticeability of elements.
  • Typography
  • Sliders
  • and what your home page must say.

#2 – Master Your Human Design

Master Your Human Design (22 minutes)

In my second review, I cover a bunch of design and copywriting points, but focus on one of THE most powerful marketing methods I’ve ever developed… the “A to B” concept.

Read more about “A to B” here >

#3 – eazyBI

eazyBI.com (24 minutes)

This site promotes a new software platform that promises to be “the easiest business intelligence tool on the web” however it does not currently persuade enough visitors to take the free 30-day trial.

In my review, I highlight several areas where the content and usability could be improved, boosting sign-ups.