Ben Hunt’s Web Design Back Catalogue

As I no longer have an up-to-date portfolio, I thought I’d post a bunch of my favourite site designs online.

I hope you can see themes through my work – ideally you can see how these sites will get results.

These 14 examples may look good to you, they may not. I don’t mind. What matters is, will they sell?

Feel free to use for inspiration, and to comment.

This design is quite significant to me, because it was one of the first I created after waking up to the realisation that web design should generate action.
The combination of honest primary colours and greyscale gives a clean and visually appealing combination.

Cashflow Builder

A simple layout, with a bold promise up-front. “Your First Million is FREE!” is a device that I came up with for this client.

The idea is that, until their software (which basically helps businesses of any size to balance their accounts receivable faster – saving them money) has processed $1M – they don’t charge.


Innovaworks is an excellent development company, mainly based in Macedonia.

I redesigned their site to promote the benefits of using them: incredible expertise at significantly less cost than using US/UK developers.


A small site for a developer who makes this neat software that helps you capture and organise content from anywhere.

Again, the site really focuses on the benefits of the software – which is what people really need to see.

Ville & Company (no longer live)

A super-super-clean site for a UK consulting firm with a refreshingly different approach compared to their big-business competitors.

This site feels like a breath of fresh air, which is what Ville offer to their customers, who are mainly public sector agencies.

Lasik surgery, AZ

QVision – Lasik, Arizona

QVision are laser vision correction surgeons in Arizona, USA.

Their site needed to appeal to the local market, feel trustworthy, clean, and professional, and to incorporate online bookings.


Bolwell is an Australian-owned composites specialist with a new state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Thailand.

The site needed to show their incredible range of services, which stretches from trains to trucks to their own supercar!

Atom – CRM for Building Contractors

How do you market a new product to a segment that doesn’t know a solution exists to its problems? What about when your prospects tend to prefer scraps of paper to computers?

The answer is: You have to go to them. When a prospect is directed to this neat little site for Atom, they should immediately get, “Yes, I see how this is for me.”

Pro Web Design Alliance

The design for my web design membership site is an evolution of this site’s WordPress theme.

It works, proving that when you have something close to hand that works, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel.


This is a net backup solution that synchronises files securely across multiple sites, on specially modified hard drives.

As you might expect, the site is really simple and straightforward, which helps suggest the product will also be simple to use.


These guys make neat, portable solar chargers for everyone from vacationing families to business travellers and explorers.

This design, which sits on the Magento e-commerce platform, is multi-lingual and has a sharp, modern look that suits the innovative products.


Abeo Technical Services make security systems for airports and military bases world-wide.

Their AWARE system is a futuristic platform that monitors all kinds of input data and intelligently alerts security staff when it spots unusual activity.


UK-based Goddiva sell dresses and other fashion clothing based on what the celebrities are wearing right now – but at a fraction of the price.

This highly-styled site represents a departure from my usual straightforward approach, but I think it works.

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