6 Historical Homepage Designs from my Old Agency

Here are some designs I dredged up from my back catalogue. I traded under the Scratchmedia name since 2001.

January 2001

Playing on the “scratch”. A single-page site, I made bits of content slide in (using Javascript) when you clicked the tiny, cryptic navigation links – just cos I could.

Not a great user experience. The navigation items didn’t reveal what they meant until you hovered over, for example.

March 2001

A very strong, simple design. I created the “brain in beer” image for a pub quiz poster. (The poster read, “Q: Does alcohol impair mental agility? A: Err….)

I don’t think this ever saw the light of day, but I still like it.

March 2003

Looks like I discovered reflections. I think this looks pretty awful now.

The logo seems to be going for an urban/skate angle, which was popular at the time.

It’s always hard to make colour-coded tabs work, and there’s no reason to have six different-coloured tabs here.

It just feels like there are a few too many gradients going on in the background.

October 2003

Not great again. I hope these designs fill you with confidence 🙂

January 2005

This one was pretty well received, and ran for a few years. It’s still nice to look at.

It’s also the first use of the Scratchmedia logo, which I’d recycled from a logo I had originally designed for a previous employer (SealedMedia). You can actually see it in the screenshot above!

2009 to 2011

My final design for the agency went through a few iterations before settling on this hyper-clean layout.

I really wanted the text and content to jump out, so there are almost no pixels used in the background at all.

The copy is not mine, by the way.

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