10 Best Designed Websites in the World

top 10 best designed websites 2014

I have created lists of my favourite web designs a few times in previous years (see 2008, 2010, 2012).

I’ve now put together my newest list: The Best-Designed Websites In The World – 2013.

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Here’s The Rub

If you know anything about me, you’ll know how strongly I believe that web design is marketing, that it should generate measurable results, and return a profit!

(If you don’t understand why this is true, here’s why.)

The sites that make the this year’s winning list are going to win based on one single criterion, which I’ve drawn from my recent “What’s the single most important thing in Web Design?” contest.

The key criterion is:

“How well does this site achieve the site’s (or owner’s) goals by targeting the right visitors and delivering a great experience?”

That’s what matters in web design! It’s ALL that matters in web design!

For Example: L1 Visa Page

Here’s a page on a site that I made for a client. It’s covering a very dry topic (L1 visas). No, extremely dry topic!


Do you think it’s sexy? No!

Does it matter if you think it’s sexy? No!!

You see, this page sets out to do some simple things, and to do them well. It has to:

  1. Let you know you’re in the right place (L1 Visa, check!)
  2. Show you immediately that you’re going to find what you’re looking for (i.e. various information about L1 visas, as shown by the on-page menu).
  3. And give you clear next steps (big blue call to action on the site lets you start when you’re ready).
  4. Of course the branding / look ‘n’ feel have to be appropriate to the audience and the offer. The key word there is appropriate. We’re representing immigration attorneys here, and we’re talking to people who want to move an employee from some other country into the United States, so what’s important? To be businesslike, accurate, clear, calm… all those things. Our job is NOT to impress with flashy (slow) graphics etc.
  5. And it has to be readable on all devices, and load FAST. Yes people, that stuff matters! In fact, it probably matters way more than sexy graphics.

Web design is NOT an exercise in creativity. Web design is an exercise in creating communication that is appropriate to its context and goals. Full stop. Period. End of lesson.

Back to the Competition

  • I’m not looking for cute, sexy design.
  • I’m not looking for edgy, fashionable design.
  • The design doesn’t have to be unique or individual.
  • But it should demonstrate a fresh, creative, and extremely effective process for converting the target prospect.

I want to see sites that have been properly thought out, that show intelligent branding and positioning decisions, accessible and compelling copy, sharp audience segmentation, and where the graphic design supports the serious business of marketing.

That means any website could win. It could be yours.

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