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Web Development in Vegas

You are in the Las Vegas area, and you need a website to service local or national clients with your products or services.  I know it’s tempting to build a website on your own but, hiring us will be one of the best things you do for your business.  The site you try to create on your own may end up looking and functioning in a mediocre way.  Hiring us will ensure not only that you have a great looking site, but also a functional site that will bring you clients.

Your Website Should Look Professional

Let’s say you want to create a website to service Las Vegas residents who like to golf.  A professional web design company (like ourselves) will discuss with you want you’d like for your site and get an idea of how you want it to look.  Then, working with the frame, we will create a website that looks great and brings in customers.  That will likely be accomplished fantastic imagery of Las Vegas golf courses and golfers splashed on the front of the site.  It will be accomplished with an organized format.  We will also make sure your website is search engine optimized to bring in more traffic.

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Your site should be optimized for search engines

You’re selling golf products to Las Vegas residents. So your goal is to bring as many customers to your site as possible.  But these aren’t just any customers.  The people that you want to visit your site need to have an interest in golf and golf products.  Search engine optimization is the method of bringing the most amount of visitors to your site based on placing high on search engines for the keywords in your niche.  So, if you’re selling golf products to residents in Las Vegas, one of your keywords could be “Las Vegas golf shops.”  We will come up with the best keywords for your niche and incorporate them into your title, subtitle, photos, videos, etc.  These keywords are picked up by search engines and will ultimately pull people to your site.

Cross Browser Compatibility

You can create a site on your own, but have you considered how your site will look on other browsers?  A website will look one way on a desktop, one way on a laptop, one way on a tablet and one way on a mobile phone.  We always make sure that your site looks good no matter where it is viewed.  Now more than ever, a majority of people look at sites from their cell phones.  Therefore, it’s important that your site looks good on a mobile phone.

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Social Media Foundations

One of the things all professional web design companies know is how to get you set up on social media.  In the 21st century, social media is crucial.  It’s important for every business to have a presence on at least two major social media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter.  We can teach you how to get set up on a social media site, what to post, and how to interact with customers and potential customers.

You should stand out from the rest

Chances are you are not alone in your niche.  So how do you stand out?  We will do an in depth competitive analysis and will know what needs to be done to make your site stand out.  We know what images to use, what colors to use and how to organize your site to get the best results.

We offer the best web design Las Vegas has to offer. If you’d like to reach out to schedule a free web consultation just click here or give us a call at (702) 800-4447.

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Danny has had over a dozen years’ experience building websites and took that knowledge to build a number of successful design agencies across the country. Now, the proud new owner of Web Design From Scratch, he plans to use the site to establish more locations and help other designers along the way.

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