Apps Behaving Badly

aweber rude message

I’m going to put together a collection of downright rude behaviour by websites, web-based apps, and software apps.

Sometimes I think providers of some widely-used software don’t bother to do ANY usability testing. And many of them were clearly not brought up with any manners! 😉

1. AWeber’s Inappropriate Error Message

AWeber pisses me off for many reasons, as I’ve documented, but this particular faux-pas gets on my nerves on a daily basis. What’s wrong with this picture?

aweber rude message

Here’s why it’s inappropriate.

There is no error. I logged on yesterday. I’m logging on again today. There’s nothing wrong.

It certainly doesn’t justify a big red “STOP!!!” sign, or the word “Error”.

It’s fine. A simple, “Please log in” would be just fine, thank you.

2. Cloudberry Explorer is Far Too Important to Close!

“Seriously? You want to close this software?!”

Obviously CloudBerry Explorer is FAR more important than ANY other piece of business-critical software I may run.

“Just do as you’re told, CloudBerry! I swear, if I have to reach for my mouse one more time…”

To make matters worse, it even asks me to confirm if I really want to upload a file to Amazon S3 – which is the number one reason I use the suite!! Crazy.

3. Google Play Music Manager

Apparently, Google Play is so critical to life that I’d better be DAMN SURE I really want to close it.

Thankfully, they provide this helpful confirmation to prevent me making a catastrophic mistake, resulting in potentially seconds of wasted time restarting this application.

(Note how the “Cancel” button has the focus by default. That’s really important, as it’s so easy to press just one key by accident. No, Google’s saving me from my own recklessness by requiring me to hit “Tab” then “Enter”, or reach for the mouse. Thanks Google!)

Do You Have Any More?

Please feel free to post comments with info about any more rude apps you use.

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