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The Essential Sessions

web-design-from-scratch-essential-sessionsI am publishing “The Essential Sessions” to give every web designer or online marketer the most fundamental training in what makes effective website today (2016).

We’ll cover everything you need not only to publish high-performance sites using the latest, best tools, but also how to make those critical decisions on content.

The bottom line: Web design is not about visual appeal! It’s about success!

Follow the recommendations in these expert guides and your websites will simply be more successful.

Topic #1: Home Page Essentials (23 minutes)

Part One: Introduction

Part Two: The Checklist

Topic #2: Four Biggest Strategy Mistakes (28 minutes)

I set out my philosophy of marketing strategy, describing the four most prevalent mistakes people fall into, and the four skills we need to master in order to be able not just to cope with the complexity of modern marketing — but to be super-effective.

Topic #3: How to Use Buyer Personas (24 minutes)

What is a buyer persona, and how can you use them most effectively?