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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing can be tricky for business owners, especially if they’re not aware of all the benefits and pitfalls.

Social Media Strategy Consultant Tammy Martin takes a look over three of the more popular social media marketing channels to help you decide which is right for you.

Facebook: “Pony Up for Prime Placement”

When you want a simple post to get better exposure, don’t expect to get anything for free as a business page owner on Facebook. If you post a fabulous blog article that you’ve written, a nice image or a simple quote/post, you are going to need to get off your wallet.

The Facebook algorithm has recently changed and after posting on your business page, you’ll notice fewer people viewing your posts. That is because Facebook has conveniently placed your content at the bottom of the news feed for your fans.

This shift is taking a social media marketing investment out of the optional category and moving it into a necessary part of your 2014 marketing budget. Otherwise your time and effort that you put into posting for your fans will be futile.

Linked In: “The Business-to-Business Powerhouse”

When you are marketing to businesses, Linked In is where the big players are. The average annual income of Linked In users is $83,000 and there is a new Linked In user every single second of the day.

If you already know the job title and/or companies that you are targeting, the search function is your secret weapon to get past the gatekeepers and right into the inbox of your ideal customer.

Linked In is essentially a virtual network of people who are in a receptive mindset to being approached like they would be at a networking meeting or trade show. You want to approach them authentically, not like a sleazy salesperson with corny sales pitches.

Instead, take some initiative to get to know the person by reviewing their profile and their website, then approach them. Try to find something that you have in common and get your inspiration from that commonality.

That might even be a shared connection. Linked In tells you who you know in common. You can even call upon your common connection to introduce the two of you.

or…Join Google+ to Optimize & Collaborate

Whether you like it or not, Google is still the search engine of choice for the vast majority of Internet users. This means that cozying up with Google+ is definitely worthwhile for your 2014 to-do list.

It is Google’s version of Facebook allowing people to be added to your circles and enabling you to +1 content that you like/endorse. By posting your recent blog articles and showing all of your connections, it gives Google some firsthand insight into your clout.

The hidden treasure of Google+ is the Hangouts. This allows you to have free videoconferencing with up to nine people at the same time.

Just like Skype, but with more people.  You can share your screen during the hangout, or type notes/URLs into the chat section for an efficient and effective meeting with all of the key players.

There is a Google Hangout app now too so you can join in from your smart phone, tablet or desktop.

Need More Help?

If you’re still feeling lost and overwhelmed with all of the social media options out there today, I would recommend applying the 80/20 rule to your efforts.

If 80% of your results are going to be generated from 20% of your efforts, then what you should do is dedicate your time, energy and investment into the best social media platform that generates results for your business.

Don’t spread yourself too thin across multiple platforms. Focus on being fabulous on one platform and reap the rewards.

Yes, social media can be time consuming, especially when you want to stay on top of all the trends and tricks of the trade. If this isn’t feasible for you, try hiring a Digital Strategy Consultant so you can free up more time to be successful in your core business.

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