Pro Toolkit for Tomorrow’s Social Media Experts

When you are learning Social Media Marketing sometimes you need some pro tips to give you that competitive edge. Whether you’re working in Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Google AdWords or LinkedIn, there are always little tips and tricks that the pros used to save time, be more efficient and get better results.

Facebook Advertising

If you’re planning to do advertising in Facebook, there is a tool that you can use that provides you with even more options. These options allow you to narrow down even more closely on a specific audience and allow you to make selections that you wouldn’t have otherwise. This tool is called the Power Editor.

Once you started your first ad campaign Facebook, I would recommend downloading the Power Editor to see all these extra options that you have available at your fingertips.

Google AdWords Advertising

Just like Facebook, when you’re using Google AdWords to advertise your business, they have something called AdWords Editor. This is software that you can download for free from Google. The Editor allows you to be more efficient when editing your campaigns. And more recently Google has introduced something called a Conversion Import tool. This is worth checking out if you specialize in conversion optimization.

I would recommend treading lightly in the area Google AdWords if you don’t know what you’re doing. If you haven’t had any training and you’re stumbling with it (technically speaking), you’ll fall foul of what we call Google’s “stupidity tax”. And that comes at the expense of your clients.

Note: If you want to master Google AdWords, check out this amazing course: “Getting Started in AdWords (Without Losing Your Shirt)“.


Google+ is Google’s version of Facebook. I use it at least once a week for Google Hangouts to connect with other experts in my field so we can collaborate and work on client projects together. It allows us to videoconference with up to nine people all at the same time. Google+ is gaining some significant momentum this year, so I would definitely recommend optimizing your profile and filling in all the fields that are relevant for you and your business. And start adding people to your circles.

When you’re using Google+ to post your blog articles, there is something called Google authorship that’s worth integrating into your website and your Google+ account in the ‘Contributor’ section. Google+ is a great way to show Google that your website content is fresh and current. It is also a great way to show your clip in your industry.


If your client has a younger audience, a great way to reach them is through Twitter. One of my favorite tools for using Twitter is software called Tweet Adder. This software allows me to be so much more efficient and to authentically grow my client’s audiences in less time. The software comes with a litany of tools so I recommend checking in their website.


When you were marketing your business in the B2B world, LinkedIn is a great tool to reach out to new customers. I would recommend optimizing your profile, and use keywords for your business throughout your profile.

One of the most important things to tweak on your profile is your professional headline. Don’t waste it with your job title and your company name; instead get creative with use your company’s tagline or anything that will help attract new customers to your business. You can even use video(s) in your summary. (What a great way to add some life to your LinkedIn profile!)

Best of all, LinkedIn has very handy authority with Google. When people are looking for you under your name or your company name, your LinkedIn profile will often come up in the search results. Your LinkedIn profile is like the front door to you and your business. Take advantage of this free opportunity to showcase you and your business.

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