Announcing Ben’s New Course… Facebook Marketing Made Easy

Facebook Marketing Means Business!

I have spent the past few months, since November 2013, researching and testing facebook as a social marketing channel for small and medium businesses.

I’ve put everything I’ve learned into a new 3-hour video training: “Facebook Marketing Made Easy”.

I’m going to show you why organic social marketing on facebook can  be so powerful — for some businesses!

My Girlfriend Makes $500+ Per Week — From ONE Client!

Ben and SallyA couple of years ago, my partner Sally quit her job for a UK bank after 20 years. She started by running a couple of small businesses from home, which did pretty well.

Then something amazing happened. Sally discovered that she could grow the facebook page for her craft business easily.. In fact, with just one post she got 90 new page likes overnight!

She realised that this facebook page thing could really work, so she stopped the home business and started looking for clients to promote on facebook.

That was back in October 2013. Sally took on a few different clients. What she found was an eye-opener!

With some of the businesses, facebook promotion was hard work! She spent more time — and more money — promoting their content… But the results just weren’t the same!

But one of the clients’ businesses really took off! Within 3 months, Sally had literally doubled their turnover! These guys have had to buy new vehicles and hire new staff, just to keep up with the demand that Sally was generating via facebook! They now pay her over $500 every week.

Why Anyone Can Do Facebook Marketing

Being a full-blown marketing nerd, I got very interested!

I wanted to know what it was that meant Sally could…

  • Earn $500 for just a few hours’ work…
  • From home…
  • In the hours that suited her…
  • And often from her mobile phone?!

And — importantly — why was it so easy to make money for some clients, yet so much harder for others?

So I started to analyse the whole social model for small and medium businesses, break it down, and figure out the key insights.

The result is a short 3-hour course in facebook social marketing. This course means that, like Sally, YOU CAN earn serious money from home, in your own time!

Some Astonishing Insights

My research revealed some big surprises…

The first big realisation was that not every business will do well on facebook! In fact, many businesses shouldn’t bother with social media marketing at all!

We discovered that just a few important factors make the difference between a business that will naturally and easily grow using facebook social promotion, and a business that will drain your time and money but show painfully slow growth! We now know exactly what to look for when choosing a new client that will generate great fees with the minimum effort.

In the course, I’ll give you my foolproof eight-point checklist for identifying your perfect clients!

Plus, I’ll walk you through five case studies of real-world businesses to prove why some will thrive on facebook, while others will flounder!

I was also able to break down typical promotional social activity into three core activities that you should do every week for every client!

If you do these three things, your clients will attract more customers, your content will get seen on facebook (following all the recent edge rank changes!), and — most importantly — those clients will spend more!

In the course, I’ll not only break down the facebook engagement model for you, and reveal those three core activities, but I’ll also share over 20 practical tips and techniques that show you exactly how and when they work!

Facebook marketing made easy

Join the Facebook Marketing Revolution Now!

As you have already seen, when you get the insights into how to use facebook effectively for businesses… once you know exactly what clients to look for… and exactly what to do for each of those clients every week… you can earn $100s++ per client per week!

What is this knowledge worth? Well, in only her third month doing facebook marketing, Sally earned $11,000 from paying clients. And that’s just the start! For example, if you find a medium-sized business that’s already making $10,000s per month, and you can double their business like Sally did, you can justify serious fees!

When you put the information in this course into practice, it could be worth tens of thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands to you!

But I want as many people as possible to get this training, so I’m only asking $197 for the complete course of:

  • Lifetime access to the three core training videos (170 minutes)
  • Including my eight-point ideal client checklist
  • And five real-world case studies
  • NEW (July 2014) — Bonus video that lifts the lid on Facebook’s EdgeRank algorithm… and how to make it work for you!
  • Plus dozens of practical tips and tricks to show you what to do for your clients
  • And my facebook social marketing cheat sheet for you to print and keep
  • What’s more, you’ll automatically receive any new content I add to the course (we’re learning new tricks every week!)

You’ll Make Money With This Course — Guaranteed!!

And, of course, it’s backed up with this guarantee! If you apply the steps I give you in the course, you’ll make at least double the price of the course in the first 90 days, or I’ll immediately refund every penny of your fee!

Testimonials for “Facebook Marketing Made Easy”

Although this course has only been on the market for a couple of days, here’s what people are already starting to say about it…

“Don’t Even Try Facebook Marketing Without Taking Ben’s Training!”

Sarah PetersI want to offer Facebook marketing to my clients, but my big fear was always, “What if it doesn’t work?” I only want to spend my valuable time and my clients’ hard-earned money if I KNOW I can guarantee them results.

I’ve always loved Ben’s pragmatic approach to web design, and now he’s using the same mindset to break down Facebook marketing, even for total newbies.

Now I know exactly how to identify which businesses can gain the most from Facebook, and for which businesses it would be a total waste of time. Thanks, Ben!”

Sarah Peters, Hazlet, NJ – 19th March 2014

“Stunningly Simple!”

RachelBriscoeDear Ben,

I just wanted to say thank you so much for all the information in this course. I’ve taken a few courses on Facebook Marketing, but none of them thus far has given me the confidence like yours has to get out there right now and start helping people market and grow their businesses.

Going through the real world examples as you did is unbelievably helpful. After seeing the whole process from start to finish I feel very encouraged because I can see how and why this system works, and when it works it makes complete sense why it would!!!

Your 8-point checklist for Identifying Ideal Facebook Clients is genius! It never even occurred to me before that Facebook might not work for every business. I believe your course has potentially saved me countless hours and a a great deal of grief from trying to market clients on Facebook when their businesses simply aren’t suited to this model.

Most avenues to being self-employed involve a fairly steep learning curve, not to mention all the tech/marketing aspects you need to understand. I have to say this avenue is stunningly simple yet extremely effective.

So thank you again. I enjoyed your course very much and it’s very timely for me. I’ll let you know how I get on!!!

Rachel Briscoe, Tring, UK – 20th March 2014

“Pure Gold!”

mike bakerBen Hunt’s videos and information on Facebook Marketing are pure gold! The section on engaging customers and getting genuine likes are especially useful for building an organic and impactful customer base.

Many common sense tips that escape many Internet marking campaigns like adding questions and polls to play to one’s vanity and the use of humor and nostalgia are great!

Ben is the best! I have learned so much from him over the past year and he has helped take my Web Design and Marketing skills to a whole new level! Then again, why would I expect anything different from the man who wrote masterpieces like “Save the Pixel” and “Convert.”

What’s in it for me? MORE MONEY!” … thanks Ben!
Mike Baker, CA, 1st April 2014

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If you have any questions, I’ll be happy to answer them. Just email me (ben at benhunt dot com) and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

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