Website SEO Video Review – Orlando Vacation Home Rental

Here’s a video review I did recently for

I’m sharing the whole review with you here – for free – because the SEO lessons are so damn important! You need to watch this video, so you can better understand your website’s link profile, and avoid making some serious (but easily avoidable) mistakes.

What Orlando Vacation Home Rental does is pretty obvious, and the site is quite easy to use. Their biggest issue seems to be a questionable SEO link profile, which seems to result in much poorer rankings than I would expect.

In my review, I address a few on-site design, usability, and optimisation issues, but the main focus of the review is looking at the reasons for its poor ranking performance — and more importantly — what can be done to turn the situation around!

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The site owner is taking steps to fix their SEO issues, and has promised to keep me updated, so I hope to grow this into a very useful case study for you.

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