SEO Case Study: Income Protection Article

Income protection graph

If you read my recent SEO posts, you will quickly get a picture of the approach I promote:

  1. Create great content.
  2. Give it a push through classic PR techniques: reach out to relevant publications and websites through phone and email.

Here’s one example that we’ve just started working on for a UK financial services provider.

My team researched this article about income protection in the UK for several weeks. We even got a custom 3D graphic designed to illustrate it.

The amount of work that has gone into this article can be measured in weeks, not hours or days.

My theory is that, with proper promotion, a high-quality original piece like this can attract more (and better) links than you could get by investing the same amount of time in phoney link-building tactics (forum and blog comment spamming, etc.).

I will report back on the results!

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