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If you’re wondering, “Why doesn’t our website get more visitors / generate more leads / make more sales?” one of the major reasons is likely to be that it simply doesn’t have enough good links pointing to it.

Search engines see inbound links to a web page as a vote from the rest of the world that says, “This page is useful.” Broadly speaking, the more links you have, the more respectable your website should appear to search engines.

If your site is seen as important by the search engines, you’ll rank higher for the search terms that seem relevant to your site’s content.

And it’s absolutely vital to rank at the top of the first page of the search results for something. The top few links in the search results get 80% of all the clicks. If you’re down on page 2 or worse, you’re not going to get any useful share of the traffic.

Two Examples

Here’s the traffic for the year to date for two of our clients’ websites. We have only done a little link building for these clients (but we did it right).

Bridlewood Art is the site of artist Roxy Rueckert, who draws exquisite pictures of horses. The site used to get about 5 visits per week. Now it gets 30-40.

What happened? We simply generated some high-quality inbound links.

The chart below is from MajesticSEO, which will show you the growth of links that its crawler finds to any website. It has discovered links from 6 websites pointing to Bridlewood Art over the past month, up from zero.

This chart doesn’t show all the links that exist. Every crawler is different. But links from other important sites will get found sooner. (Links from pages that have no links pointing to them may never be discovered.)

Spanish for Preschoolers is another of our clients’ sites. It promotes a great package that shows teachers how to teach Spanish to preschool kids and toddlers.

In the first half of 2011, the site got between 190 and 380 visits per week. With a bit of expert link building, this has grown to 500-890 visits per week. That’s an increase of about 250% in traffic.

Here’s Majestic SEO’s report on the growth in linking domains (how many websites link to this one) over the past four years.

The number of domains linking to grew steadily to about 50 at the start of 2011. Since July, our promotional work has helped to increase the number of linking domains to around 70.

How Can a 40% Increase in Linking Websites Generate a 250% Increase in Traffic?

It’s all down to the quality of the inbound links.

The search engines are busy changing their algorithms to reward links from well-respected and relevant sites, and to ignore links that have no real value.

This means that the cheap and underhand link building practices (such as forum spamming, article spinning and link farming) that have worked in the past will cease to work.

Best link building practice is now closer to public relations. The link building that works best for us involves building reputation and relationships first, which enables you transparently to contact the owners of respected related websites and to get the best types of links.

How You Can Boost Your Traffic

We recommend WordTracker’s LinkBuilder tool for researching the best sites who are most likely to link to you. It will find who’s already linking to your competitors, and – vitally – help you keep track of all your activity across multiple campaigns.

Need Link Building for Your Site?

I believe that you – the website owner – are the ideal person to do your own link building over time. However, if you would like support, we do offer a link building package for small sites.

It doesn’t matter if you’re promoting steel buildings in the UK, property on Staten Island, NY, every site needs links in order to be found, and to be seen as important.

So if you have low traffic today, we’ll review your site and develop a keyword strategy for just £99, then work on generating high-quality honest links for you for a low price of £99 per half day. Contact me (ben at benhunt dot co) if you’re interested in trying this out.

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