Relaunch Preview

After several months of research and development, I have just relaunched a site for my client, OnlineVisas (four days ago).

The results are already very, very impressive! Just check out these stats, comparing the traffic for the past four days to the equivalent days a year ago in January 2015.

Even though the site has only just gone live, organic traffic is already up a massive 377%!

(The blue line is the site’s organic traffic for the four-day period immediately¬†after relaunch; the orange line is the equivalent Monday-Thursday in January 2015.)


Here are the rest of the user engagement numbers, which I think are staggering!


As we know, Google is giving more and more weight to user engagement, which is incredibly hard to fake. So this is extremely good news for future ranking improvements too.

How Did I Do It?

In this 24-minute video, I’ll take you through what I’ve done on the site, and why it is so much more engaging than the old one. We’ll look at both SEO and conversion tactics.

Watch the next video in the series, where I take you through the exact keyword research, on-page optimization, and site structure optimization I’ve used to get that instant SEO boost.

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