Low-Tech YouTube Ranking Hack with Mark Attwood

Here’s a quick and simple SEO hack that anyone can use!

If you don’t know Mark Attwood, he’s my type of Internet marketer. Mark combines an incredible amount of common sense and wisdom with a passion for helping small businesses and entrepreneurs.

A few days ago, I got an email from Mark sharing a simple and low-tech hack that you can use today to boost your videos’ rankings on YouTube – and even in the Google search results!

There’s no secret sauce, no technological wizardry… Just plain old-fashioned common sense, Attwood-style.

Step One: The Call

First, check out this short call I did with Mark today…

Step Two: The Experiment

OK, let’s try this out! You can help prove how well this technique works.

I’ve picked out a random YouTube video (well, not totally random… it’s a political video about something that’s really quite important).

First, please go on YouTube and search for “TTIP” (or any phrase that contains “TTIP”).

Second, look out for the video I’ve highlighted below (“Get ready for TTIP”). If you don’t see it immediately, you may need to scroll.



Third, simply watch the video (it’s under 2 minutes), and if you like it, click the thumbs-up like button. Maybe also post a comment.

That’s all! I’ll update this post with the results as they come in.

Starting Stats

  • Timestamp: I’m posting this on Friday November 28th (at 10.40am UK time).
  • At the time of posting, the video is ranking at #3 (using incognito browsing).
  • The #1 video (which is promoted) has 253,421 views and 213 likes (41 dislikes).
  • The #2 video has 17,662 views and 135 likes (5 dislikes).
  • Our target video at #3 has 25,261 views, 139 comments, and 669 likes (12 dislikes).

Want More?

If you love simple, common-sense marketing that just works, check out Mark’s Technophobes Guide to Internet Marketing!

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