Let Us Do Your Keyword Research (Limited Offer)

Before you set out on any journey, you should know where you’re going and plan your route. Otherwise you can waste a lot of time and energy.

It is exactly the same when publishing online.

Before you write a word, you need to know how many people are likely to read what you publish.

That’s where keyword research comes in. Keyword research is the “looking at the map before you set out” of web publishing.

And it can make a massive difference!

Here are a few basic facts..

One – The top 10 search results get (practically) all the traffic. 95% of all the clicks that get clicked happen on page 1 of the search results. The #1 result will get about one in three clicks!

Two – That means you need to be on page one… for something.

Three – So you need to know what term(s) you can rank on page one for. They’ve got to be relevant to your offering, they should be popular, and also within reach!

There’s no point ranking at #21, even for a really popular term. You would be better off with a top three spot for something far less popular.

This is what keyword research (KWR) is all about. When you get your KWR right, just a few easy changes could have a significant impact on your traffic.

Take V-Dock, who implemented some suggestions I made and increased their organic search traffic by over 70% compared to the previous year. When i checked again, their search traffic has doubled AGAIN in the past 9 days (and is still rising).

(I have many more examples for other clients, which I’m not at liberty to share publicly.)

Since I wrote Convert! a year ago, I have developed my own keyword research methods. I’d used Market Samurai, Wordtracker, and many other tools, but I didn’t find one that told me what I needed to know… “Which target phrases will give me the most traffic for my effort?”

So I made my own tools and processes. I’ve shared some of that process already, and I have trained my Pro Web Design Alliance Elite members in my advanced system.

Publishing online without this competitive intelligence could be a waste of time and money – at best. Or it could make the difference between success and failure for your business.

But my keyword research system gives businesses a significant advantage. It gives you clear intelligence that you can put into action with confidence

I would like to make that advantage available to you.

My Elite team and I are willing to take on just a few new keyword research projects. If you are ready to stop guessing and to set out on a course you know will bring rewards, this could be the best investment you’ll ever make.

Here’s how it works… You tell us what you’re offering and a little bit about your market, and give us the web address of your site (if you have one already – you don’t have to). We do the legwork and then hand you a report that shows you what the competitive landscape is like, what terms you should target, and our advice on how to proceed.

In short, what I think is the perfect keyword research intelligence any site owner should have, at whatever point in your website’s lifecycle.

We’re only charging $299 for this consulting, but we can only take on a few clients each. So, if you know this is for you, click the PayPal button below, book your report, and we’ll be in touch very soon. (You should expect your report within 5 business days,)

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