I Guarantee I Can Double Your Website’s Traffic

I’m fascinated with SEO and link building these days!

I’ve spent the last year training a group of web designers to become fully-fledged marketing experts. And I’ve learned a lot over that time.

The more I’ve studied and researched, the more important I’ve realised search engine optimisation is.

  1. To get good traffic, you have to be on page 1 – for something (preferably lots of things)
  2. To get there, you need excellent keyword research (and I’ve developed my own powerful tools to do this)
  3. And you have to get links to your website.

That last one is the key. You need inbound links – but you have to go about it the right way, or you’ll waste time and money, or worse, risk getting your site ignored entirely by Google.

Now, I have some great resources…

  • A great team of people who are fully trained in the best practice
  • A method that allows us to get great results
  • A crazy idea!

My Crazy Idea

If your website gets 100 visits per month right now, I’ll double it to 200 – for a one-time payment of $100!

If your website gets 500 visits per month, I’ll double it to 1000 – for only $500!


That means you should get double the leads or double the sales you do today. Figure out what that’s worth to your business.

This offer is only open to you if…

  • You use Google Analytics
  • You got less than 2000 visits last month
  • And you act soon

How long will it take? As long as it takes! We’ll keep creatively promoting your site until your traffic has DOUBLED, but you’ll just pay that single fixed fee.


If you want to take me up on my offer:

  • Add me as a read-only user on your Google Analytics (here’s how). My email is ben.hunt.scratch@gmail.com.
  • Look at the number of visits you got in the last 28 days.
  • Head over to this page and donate that exact amount in dollars.
  • Email me, letting me know your domain name.
  • Then my team and I will do the rest!

Remember – we can only make this promise for a few websites. So if you want to double your visitors, do this today!


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