Ben’s Keyword Research Comparison Tool

This week I developed this Google Doc spreadsheet to speed up my keyword research.

You enter the following data:

  • The Page Authority and Domain Authority for a page you want to rank (from OpenSiteExplorer)
  • The total monthly searches (phrase-matched, from Google AdWords Keyword Tool)
  • And the stats on the top 10 competitors (which you can get from OpenSiteExplorer, but 50 at a time from SEOMoz Pro)

The spreadsheet then shows you which target SERP positions are the most attractive, i.e. will give you the most traffic for the least work.

[pro-player width=’800′ height=’500′ type=’video’][/pro-player]

Try it Yourself

All open in new windows.

Update (30 September): I’m continuing to adapt this tool. I’ve used it today to do a complete keyword strategy for one client, a Real Estate Appraiser, with a couple of slight tweaks. I’ll update this post.

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