22.2% Search Traffic Boost, Less Than 2 Hours Work

I just got a 22.2% increase in natural, organic search traffic on this website, and it took me less than two hours.

A few weeks ago, I did two things that are supposed to help SEO, and… well, you can see the result for yourself!


From last month, that’s a 35% boost in position, and a 22.2% increase in search traffic!

What did I do? Two things…

  • Added an SSL certificate to my site.
  • Disavowed links from over 100 domains.

The videos below show you how I did the disavowal, using MonitorBacklinks, which is now a serious tool in my SEO kit!

Now, disavowing links leaves you with fewer links, right? So how can that be a good thing?!

Think of it this way…

You need some advice on a subject, and you want to ask someone who’s well-respected.

You could ask Friend A, who has 2500 “friends” on Facebook (of whom they’ve only met 500 in real life). A real mix of true friends and total randoms.

Or, you could ask Friend B, who has 200 real friends. But their friends are respectable and trustworthy.

You’d ask Friend B, of course! The person who only seems to attract other respectable people, thereby becoming more respectable in return.

That’s exactly how disavowing links makes your link profile better! When you clear out the fake, false, trashy, cheap links, leaving a higher concentration of good, authoritative, respectable links, your site’s overall trustworthiness goes up!

It may be that Friend A also has 200 respectable connections, but it’s the weight of crappy connections that pulls their perceived respectability down.

Get it?

That’s why you should expect your Moz TrustRank or your Majestic TrustFlow to go up when you get busy disavowing.

(Note: I am not an affiliate of MonitorBacklinks, and I have not been paid for this post.)

Overview of Link Disavowal (20 mins)

Detailed Walk-Through of MonitorBacklinks (22 mins)



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