Free Video: AdWords Flexible Bidding Explained

We talk a lot about the 80/20 principle in the PWDA. About spending most of your effort on the few activities that lead to the greatest results.

The no.1 PPC question I am regularly asked, especially by new advertisers, is “how much should I bid”.

While managing keyword bids is important, it isn’t in my top 20% of AdWords time. You have limited time to work on your account. The biggest improvements come from better campaign structure, ad relevance, better ads and better landing pages.

You should still work out what the maximum you can afford to pay for a click is. Most of your competitors will not work this out, which is why many AdWords accounts I see operate at a loss. Too many advertisers ‘guess and forget’. There’s a good article on Brad Geddes’ blog about working out what you can afford to pay.

Micro-managing keyword bids for hundreds or thousands of keywords in your account is not a good use of your time. If you have conversion information in your account, I often see better results by letting Google set bids dynamically, using tools like Conversion Optimizer.

Flexible bidding is Google’s most recent bidding contraption. I firmly believe it is the future of bid management for small to medium sized accounts.

On first glance it’s a little complicated, so I recently produced a short video explaining what it is, and why you should use it.

Information here about the PPC consulting I mentioned in the video.

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