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Web Design from Scratch: The Essential Sessions

The Essential Sessions take the core challenges facing web designers today and cut right to the chase.

You’ll discover not only how to create high-performance websites in less time than ever before. If you’re still designing websites in Photoshop and building pages from first principles, you’re wasting your time! We’ll keep you updated on the very best, fastest, cheapest, and easiest tools and methods you should be using today.

In this course, you’ll also find out exactly what content you should publish in order to make your sites super-successful, and how to make it get the results you need.


  1. Home Page Essentials (23 minutes)
    Ben Hunt sets out the blueprint for exactly what content should go on any home page — then works through the checklist showing how it works on a live site.

HTML from Scratch v2c

HTML from Scratch

Started January 2016; 6 Videos, over 1 hour of material

Everything you need to master web page building — from the very beginning.

Whatever tools you use to build websites, understanding how your pages are structured will let you achieve more, and do it faster and easier too!

HTML from Scratch gives you your complete HTML tag reference, plus real-world guidance on when to use which tag, and how to build web pages the right way!

As a premium member you’ll also get professionally-written code you can swipe and use right away on your own projects.


  1. Introduction: The Essentials (14 minutes)
    The absolute basics of what HTML is, and how easy it is to create.
  2. Advanced HTML Table Styling (63 minutes)
    A step-by-step walk-through showing how I create a super-sexy HTML pricing comparison table using only pure CSS for styling — no images!


SEO from Scratch

Started January 2016; 3 Videos / 2 Hours of material

SEO is still hugely important in 2016. This course will help you master what really matters in SEO today, from first principles.

We’ll also give you case studies: real-world worked examples, so you can see exactly how the techniques work in practice.



Build a Web Agency… from Scratch

The landscape for web design and marketing professionals has changed dramatically over the past few years.

The challenge for web designers and marketers now is… what do we need to do in order to compete?

Not long ago, if you wanted a website, you needed to invest in web professionals. Today, that is no longer the case. We have platforms, tools, and an army of affordable freelancers that mean anyone can get a good-looking website fast and cheap!

Now anyone can publish online, how do web pros stay ahead and continue to deliver value to our customers?

This new course will show you the simple steps you need to build an agency that will stand out in the market, get clients, win contracts, and make profits year after year!


  • Niche! (34 minutes)
    Discover the huge advantages of identifying a “niche” target market for your agency.

web-page-reviewsWeb Page Reviews

Currently, all early-bird Premium subscribers are invited to submit one web page for Ben to review.

What do you most need help with?

Graphic design?… Copywriting?… SEO?… Conversion?…

If 20 years of web design has taught us anything, it’s that it is very hard to spot what can be improved on our own sites. You can get a massive amount of insight from having another expert check over one page.


Lots More Content Coming Very Soon…

  • CSS from Scratch
    CSS is incredibly useful and powerful, but you can get into a mess really quickly if you don’t follow our professional advice. We’ll show you how the Pros use CSS, and you’ll be a master in no time.
  • WordPress from Scratch
    Our WordPress gurus will take you through the world’s #1 web publishing platform, starting with the absolute basics.
  • Copywriting from Scratch
    Copywriting is arguably the single most important skill for website owners, designers, and marketers. You can’t miss this in-depth course that will help you to avoid the worst mistakes and get your websites converting!

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