SnorEraser: Marketing Case Study

I have spent the past few months re-working the marketing funnel for SnorEraser.

Now, three months later, we’re ready to switch off the old site and go live with the new SnorEraser.

When I analyzed the old site, I found some significant shortcomings, which really held back the site’s getability. (This older article explains what getability is, and why it’s important.)

You’ll see what I mean when you check out these screenshots of the two main pages on the old site: the home page, and the product selection page. (Click on the thumbnails to view the whole-page screenshots in new tabs.)

snoreraser-old-home-page snoreraser-old-product-page

The One Big Question

When we come to any web page, we’re really looking for an answer to one Big Question…

“Am I in the right place to find what I’m looking for?”

The job of the web page is to answer “Yes!” — at least for the right target audience! (Everyone else should be able to tell just as quickly that they’re not in the right place.)

So, in order to provide that confirmation, the SnorEraser home page should instantly communicate the following basic facts…

  1. What it being offered.
  2. What problem it solves.
  3. And for whom.

It’s fair to say the old page didn’t do a great job of that. The home page featured a couple of good videos, but, unless a video is going to autoplay (which is annoying), a page needs to set out its stall effectively, giving the visitor a reason to click the play button.

Take the site’s navigation as an example. I often explain that navigation is like the signage in a large store.

If you needed some hardware product, and I could instantly teleport you into a large hardware store, how would you proceed? The first thing you’d want to do is make sense of where you were, whether you’re in the right place, and to try to understand what the store offers.

To do that, you’d look up, at the signage. If you noticed signs for paint, power tools, bathrooms, garden etc. that would give you an instant idea about whether you’d be likely to find what you’re looking for.

Website navigation is no different. It tells you where you are (i.e. what site you’re on) and also what else is available (at a high level). We use navigation for orientation as well as a device for getting to what we want.

Here’s the nav from the old SnorEraser site… (Click to enlarge)

Screen Shot 2015-08-17 at 14.57.49It offers:

  • SnorEraser (logo)
  • Home
  • 90 Day Guarantee
  • Help
  • About SleepWaves
  • Find Your Best Match here

None of that helps me answer the key questions. What is on offer? What problem does it solve? Who is it for? And, from there… Am I in the right place to get what I need?

In addition to poor getability, the site also presents a dizzying selection of products, with little guidance on which one might be right for me.

Nevertheless, despite the shortcomings of the old site, people were still buying! And that was an extremely encouraging sign for me, because it confirmed that the market was sufficiently motivated. How many more products could we sell with a simpler marketing funnel?

That’s why the Circuit Review is so incredibly useful for marketers. i.e. Are you clear that you have a powerful and clear Brand > Product/Service > Proposition > Problem > and Market?

When you find an opportunity that gets green lights for all these core elements, you could be onto a winner. I think SnorEraser is on to a winner! So that’s why I’ve invested months of my time in crafting its marketing campaign.

The Campaign I Designed

If you haven’t already, you can read a full breakdown of my Campaign Design here. As my write-up shows, SnorEraser is amazingly well positioned for marketing success, because it really seems to be a one-of-a-kind solution to a mass-scale problem. There are lots of other solutions, but none that works as well as SnorEraser! That points to a massive opportunity.

That’s why the Open Source Marketing Circuit Review process places huge emphasis on making sure you have all 5 green lights before moving forward. It will make your marketing task so much easier!

The short version of the Campaign Design is, I wanted to get more people trying SnorEraser for themselves, so moved the focus of the website away from “Buy now!” and more to “Try now free!”

If you’ve got a superior product, it can sell itself. So be in the business of selling a superior product!

I also got a huge amount of value from my first calls with the client, Brian McKenna. I found Brian’s personal story incredibly compelling… how he suffered from tiredness after nights of interrupted sleep, affecting his job as a firefighter… spent years experimenting with a range of sounds, until one night he sat up in bed and knew he’d found the answer he’d been looking for. (Watch the video on the new website’s home page to get the full story.)

That’s just one reason why it’s so important to take time to listen to your clients’ stories in extreme detail!

Stories are incredibly powerful. Most businesses (that are doing something worthwhile) have an origin story that, when told, delivers a range of important benefits, not least that it establishes an emotional connection between you and the prospect. That’s exactly what I wanted to do with the home page video (see transcript at the end of my Campaign Design document).

All we’re asking the visitor to do is to try SnorEraser for him/herself. There’s no risk, and it shows how much we believe in the product.

Again, you should be selling something you totally believe in. It’s not only a much easier marketing job, but also more motivating for you!

New Home Page

My new home page design for SnorEraser is WAY simpler!


Here’s the main navigation and headline from the new home page. Can you see how it’s more getable?

Screen Shot 2015-08-17 at 16.38.44

The nav items are more straightforward, and the main heading makes a powerful promise to you, telling you what the product is, why it’s unique, and what it will do for you (thereby indicating the target market, people who are disturbed by snoring noise).

The video (one of many we’ll be testing over coming months) tells the whole story, using the Awareness Ladder to cover the steps between where the prospect is now to where we want them to be. Importantly, we aren’t going for a sale here! Our initial goal is to arouse their curiosity to the point where they’re willing to trade their email address for a free trial.

Now, we know that our prospect is aware of the problem (they’re being kept awake at night by their partner’s snoring). That’ puts them at least on Step One. We can also assume that anyone who’s searching for snoring solutions is already aware that there are some things that try to address the problem on the market. It’s possible that they’ve tried some, as Brian had. So we should assume that the prospect is also at Step Two, i.e. aware that solutions exist (but not aware of ours).

The key awareness steps we’re addressing are therefore…

  • Why are other “solutions” not good enough?
  • That our solution has some unique or feature that means it does not suffer from other solutions’ shortcomings.
  • To convince that it is effective.
  • And finally to present a call to action to try it out.

This is also implementing the “A to B” marketing model, which is extremely powerful.

Conversion #1: Opt-In

I used the brilliant Thrive Leads plugin for WordPress to power my opt-in. I’m trying a two-step lightbox opt-in here. Clicking the button signifies a micro-commitment from the visitor, and now there’s only one more thing to do, which is to enter their email. On other pages on the site, there’s a permanent footer opt-in, also powered by Thrive Leads.

Entering your email adds you to Brian’s MailChimp list, which automatically puts you on a short follow-up sequence. The FUS delivers the link to the free trial, and then follows up for a couple of days with extra info, checking that you used the trial etc.

It’s all really open, honest, and friendly, because… we’re not actually pushing anything here, and the product really does solve the client’s problem!

The demo MP3 file does the heavy lifting. If you read my “A to B” marketing model post, that also talks about why lead magnets (also known as “ethical bribes”) can be so effective.

Our free home demo is really the ultimate lead magnet, because it doesn’t just establish authority and trust, it proves the thing works!

Conversion #2: Purchase

After that, it’s just a case of giving the prospect the opportunity to buy. So we’ll add more emails to the follow-up sequence over time, sharing case studies, testimonials, and blog posts. The great thing is, all this information should be interesting both to people who’ve already bought SnorEraser and to people who haven’t bought it yet. That’s another great benefit of serving a very real problem with a unique solution.

Also note that, instead of having six different flavors of SnorEraser (three “levels” of snoring intensity, plus a version of each one incorporating binaural beats, which can aid sleep) and forcing buyers to choose at the point of purchase, I advised Brian to give all buyers every version, so that they can choose for themselves.

I also suggested dropping from “SnorEraser Pro” simply to “SnorEraser” because “pro” might imply the product is somehow for professionals, or that there’s a regular version that might be cheaper.

(We also switched from Brian’s old shopping cart to using Zaxaa, which offers all the e-commerce functions you may need, and makes it much easier to create a private members’ area. That’s also what I’m using for my own products these days.)

Finally, it’s critically important to help people who have tried or bought to get the best experience from using the product. So Brian has always put a lot of energy into creating comprehensive support pages. We have continued to use that excellent content, and will certainly add to it over time.

One final point on choosing great clients with amazing products and exciting market opportunities is that it creates the possibility of a long-term relationship that benefits both the marketer and the client. I intend my relationship with SnorEraser and this campaign to last a long time.

My theory is that this new, softer approach should create more trust and good will in prospects than a direct sales message. But we’ll only find out by testing it for real on the market.

I’ll post updates when we have conversion data to test against the legacy stats.

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