The Marketing Mistake That 80% of Small Businesses Make

I just learned one of the biggest mistakes that 80% of small business owners make.

It’s a marketing channel that has been successful for as long as business has existed, and still provides incredible returns today (if you know how to use it).

I was fortunate to be introduced to Rachel Taplin a couple of weeks ago. We had a quick chat online and I realised this is someone who is not only a master of her discipline, but a wonderful and generous person who loves to share what she has learned.

Rachel is a self-taught PR expert, who had to learn quickly how to promote her business in the credit crunch days a few years ago, or see it fail.

She now provides an incredibly useful bridge between small businesses and the world of media. Unlike big-ticket PR agencies, Rachel’s unique service actually helps people in smaller organisations to do their own PR effectively, with a highly effective combination of training materials, personal coaching, and providing access to her database of UK media contacts.

Here’s the link to take up “Rachel’s 6-Week Publicity Challenge” (which I recommend to anyone, particularly as she’s priced it at only £147 plus VAT [US$230] which seems far too low for what Rachel is offering, but I’m sure she’s going to build up a great following of small businesses with this approach, and I applaud her for it).

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