Let Me Try Out My New System on Your Business

Are you one hundred percent confident that you are…

  • Targeting your ideal market?
  • With the perfect positioning?
  • Capturing as many prospects as you can?
  • And nurturing them carefully so that you maximise your conversions?

If not, I have a proposal for you.

As you may have heard, I am developing a new universal system for developing marketing campaigns.

The key word here is “system”. You see, when you take some activity, whether it’s processing an order, doing a heart transplant, or developing a marketing strategy, and you turn it into a system, some incredibly powerful things happen.

  • Writing down how to do something means other people can do it too.
  • Even if they don’t have your skills or experience.
  • But the most amazing thing is, it actually means YOU can do what you do BETTER!
  • And it can get better and better each time you apply it, because whenever you find a case study that doesn’t fit the system, you modify or extend the system to accommodate it, and that only makes your system more powerful!

The results I’ve already achieved by documenting my “Conversion System” have already blown me away, and I’ve only run it on five different campaigns so far (August 12th, 2014).

Simply by writing down what I have always done intuitively in a logical order (I say, “simply”… my document is already the size of short book), it  is helping me not to miss anything, and it’s forcing me to consider all the factors that I should consider before I show a client how to spend their money.

I’ve already used this on my two long-term clients, and it has totally transformed their marketing campaigns. TOTALLY!!

Without a hint of exaggeration, the ways these two small business owners are approaching their markets now is radically different to what they each thought they would do when they signed up with me. Unrecognisable. They are going after totally new market segments in totally new ways.

However, to make the System better, I simply need one thing… more case studies!

That’s where you come in.

Please Let Me Do The Same For Your Business!

Here’s my challenge for you.

I believe that I can use my new System to transform your business’s marketing.

And I’m willing to put money on the line to prove it.

I’m offering you a three-hour consulting engagement (that’s an estimate, it may be more time) at half my normal consulting rate: $1200 instead of  $2400.

If, within the first hour of our work together, you are not convinced that what we’ve already achieved will transform your profits, tell me, and that hour is FREE. I’ll give you back your money immediately!

I’m happy to take all the risk, because honestly I don’t think it’s really a risk at all… Because this thing is working, beautifully!

Any questions, just email me (ben at benhunt dot com), and I’ll be happy to discuss with you.

There’s just one condition, though… You need to be prepared to re-think every aspect of your business and its marketing. Because my System is designed to get under the skin, right to the core of what you do, whom you serve, and why.

So, if you don’t like change, or you don’t have the kind of courage it takes to face totally new ideas, maybe this is not for you.

However, if you’re ready to take my challenge, and to transform your fortunes, just click the button below, and we’ll fix up a time for our first call.

Order Here

If you’re ready for the ride, congratulations! Just click the button, pay the fee, and we’ll arrange our first time to talk!

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