Differences Between Google AdWords & Facebook Advertising

If you’ve been considering advertising your business on social media, and you’re deciding between Google AdWords and Facebook, let this side-by-side comparison help you navigate your way through the decision.

AdWords and Facebook: Similarities

Facebook and Google AdWords are a great fit for both Fortune 500 companies and for local businesses, especially in the Business to Consumer (B2C) realm. They both help you get instant access to your target audience.

AdWords and Facebook: Differences

Google AdWords is an excellent tool for people that are actively looking for your product. These ‘ready-to-buy’ businesses include plumbers, appliance repair, etc. Whereas, Facebook is a better fit if you’re looking to get exposure through Internet surfers passively on topic specific/related websites. Especially you have a cool, unique, shareable product or service that people want to talk to about with their friends and family.

Google AdWords has Display Network advertising, which can do the same thing but your target market has to be surfing the Internet to see those ads. People are already on Facebook every single day. It’s like today’s virtual water cooler or coffee shop of sorts.

What If I Am Targeting Other Businesses?

If you are targeting other businesses, you would be better off using the Google AdWords Search Network if people are searching for your product. If not, you should consider LinkedIn advertising instead. That is the mecca for B2B.

Which One Is More Cost Effective?

Since Google AdWords has been around for a decade now, it appears as though they are mainly interested in supporting larger businesses with big marketing budgets. This is indicative in their high cost per click, and you need a large amount of clicks to get results.

Since Facebook advertising is still comparatively new to the market, you can advertise for as little as five dollars a day, which opens this opportunity up to small businesses as well as medium and large sized businesses. It is a fantastic time to take advantage of the rates while they’re still low. This is where Google AdWords started out ages ago. Now, this time it’s considered the gold rush for Facebook.

Which One Provides Better targeting?

If you’re looking to reach out to a specific postal code and radius around that postal code, Google AdWords is a great fit for you. Facebook only allows you to target geographically by city and a radius around that. So if you’re in a Metropolis the area, it will be trickier for you to target a small segment within that Metro area.

The secret sauce in Facebook targeting is in tools that it offers. You can target people based on the kind of car that they are apt to drive or purchase, their interests, their workplace, and pages that they like on Facebook. Any many more.

Can I Do It Myself?

Yes, you can learn Facebook or Google AdWords on your own. However, each one has something we refer to as a stupidity tax. This is where they allow you to spend gobs of money, without any results. Facebook in particular, can be deceptively easy looking. It is deceiving though, because there is a lot more than meets the eye.

When you hire a professional digital strategy expert to do your online advertising, it can actually save you money because we know the shortcuts, the best software to utilize and the best practices to get you to where you want to be faster. We also set-up tracking systems to monitor your success.

What Can Online Advertising Do For My Business?

When you get the right advertising platform for your business, plus the proper channels in place to generate business from your ideal customers, this is the magic mix that automatically generates new customers for you. All you need to do is take care of the steady flow of new customers coming in and adjust the volume on your campaigns where necessary. It’s like you’re online digital salesman working for you 24/7 without the HR headaches.

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