Are You a Webdesignersaurus?

There’s an enormous shift going on in web design right now. Maybe you’ve noticed it.

What we’re seeing is that skilful, experienced web designers, who may have been in the business for years and done great work for great clients, suddenly aren’t able to pay the bills.

Something has happened, just in the last few years that means that some web designers, if though they’ve got great skills, just aren’t competing any more. While others, who don’t seem to have the same skills, are doing really well, making a good profit, making a living.

So the question is, “Why? What’s changed? What’s different?”

It all comes down to technology. We’ve got now a suite of tools – a toolkit – that means that designing and publishing websites is now something that anybody can do. You can do it in minutes. You don’t need the HTML skills and the full webmaster skillset in order to publish online.

So web design is now something that you can buy off the shelf. So what does that mean for us?

Well it means that web design is dead. Web design as we’ve been doing it (and I’ve been doing it for 20 years)… That web design is dead, OK?

And there are going to be two types of designer today… There’s one type that gets it and another type that doesn’t.

One of those is going to thrive and survive and do really well, while the other one is going to go extinct. And there’s the ones that I call webdesignersaurus.

So the question is…

Which one are you?

Are you a webdesignersaurus? Or are you one of the ones that are going to survive in this brave new world?

So I’ve got three questions to discover which one you are.

  1. When you make a website, do you start from a blank canvas? Do you create the whole design and look yourself. If you do, you could be a webdesignersaurus, and you could be on your way to extinction.
  2. Do you do your web design in Photoshop (or any other graphic package)? Do you create the look for a site in Photoshop? If you do, you could be a webdesignersaurus.
  3. Do you build websites in HTML, or put a lot of effort to produce sites, hacking WordPress themes? If you are doing that, you could be a webdesignersaurus

Because, going forward, you can buy the website thing. Web design isn’t going to be about the skills to create an original look and design for a website, or the skills to publish it.

Web design is going to be about something else.

A few weeks ago, I made three really good videos that will take you through, explain the Shift, and why it’s happened, and they’ll set out the roadmap for what we need to be doing going forward.

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