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Unleash The Power of Story – Expert Interview with Daniel Levis

World-class copywriter shows why you must not blindly follow the herd — and which best practices will cost you sales.

I’m a huge believer in learning from the best, and go out of my way to interview people who are smarter and more successful than me.

Daniel Levis is a world-class copywriter and marketing consultant who specializes in creating high-converting email follow up campaigns for sales funnel optimization and list profit maximization.

When I started the research for my new book project, “Killer Content”, I knew I just HAD to interview Daniel.

Please take 25 minutes and listen carefully to what Daniel has to say, including…

  • How to neutralize your prospect’s default “No” response.
  • The easiest, cheapest, dirtiest channel for making sales, which will work for you even if you have no graphics talent or video expertise.
  • The sneaky way you can shortcut the expense and learning curve of selling online.
  • Which so-called “best practices” that can sabotage your sales, and which you should avoid at all costs.

1. Listen to my “Killer Content” Interview with Daniel (25 mins)

Download MP3 file (8MB)

2. Free Workshop, Wednesday June 24th

Note, Daniel is running a FREEEmail Alchemy Elite Workshop” in seven days (at the time of writing) on June 24th.

Check it out and reserve your place here.




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I’m offering just 50 people preview access to all my expert interviews for “Killer Content”. Several places have already gone, but you should check out the list of megabrains I’ve got here.

In addition to getting all the interviews in MP3 format (download links provided), I’m also going to run a private webinar for this small group, and you’ll also get special private access to the “Killer Content” book chapters as I write them.

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