The #1 Secret to Getting More People to Open Your Emails

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Do you want to know the one thing that will get more people to open your marketing email messages?

I happened to be browsing through my old email broadcasts in AWeber today, specifically looking at open rates.

I thought I’d check out which emails had the highest open rates of all, and share what I discovered with you.

We all know that everyone likes a free lunch, and no one likes to be sold stuff, so it’s no surprise that my regular “Latest on Web Design from Scratch” emails consistently get high open rates (20-22%).

But what about the others?

Here’s What I Found…

Typical open rates are in the 10% – 15% region, but I found several that beat those rates.

(Note: I’ve used “Sharon” where the subject lines are personalised with your first name.)

If you’re curious to read the emails, click the links (they all open a new window/tab).

So What Feature do These Titles Have in Common?

If I had to pin it down to one thing, it would be…

The promise of gaining something for minimal risk.

In other words, the balance of positives (promise, excitement, hope, trust) outweighs the negatives (cost, risk, mistrust, doubt, fear).

It’s as simple as that. Read the list again, and see if you think you would be tempted (maybe you already clicked)!

By the way, I originally titled this post “My Most Opened Email Broadcast Titles” – but changed it after I had written the insight above.

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