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How I Helped Boost a Gaming Site’s Sign-ups by Over 30%

I was approached recently by YouWager.eu, a betting site that focuses on the North American market.

The site is well established and popular, but the owners suspected they could get more new sign-ups, and wanted to know how.

I was happy to oblige, and in a few hours provided a new rough design for their home page.

After the internal graphic designer did their stuff, the company ran a split test using Convert Insights.

If you’re not familiar with split testing, whenever a new visitor (in this case) arrived at YouWager.eu, they would be shown either the existing home page or the new design. The software would then measure various goals. In this test, we measured two goals: clicking through to the sign-up page, and completing the sign-up form.

After running the test for just four days, it generated some conclusive results.

New design generated 61% increase in click-throughs to the Sign-up page

As you can see, 61% more people clicked through to the sign-up page from the new design. As the data shows, this is statistically conclusive, with a far less than 1% chance that the old design could outperform the new one.

The results for actual sign-ups are also very satisfactory.

New design increased sign-ups by 31%

This element of the experiment is not statistically conclusive, because the number of results is lower at this point in the funnel. However, a 31% lift with nearly 88% confidence is a good result.

Imagine the Impact

Imagine the impact on revenues and profits for this business (or any business) resulting from a 30% increase in new customers!

There was no new ad spend, simply doing a few basic things right.

So you can see the difference for yourself, here’s a screenshot of the previous home page.

Previous home page design

And here’s the redesign, based on my recommendations.

Redesigned home page

Summary of What Changed

  • Primarily, the new design gives multiple reasons why you should be interested in the offer. The old design mentioned what was on offer, but not WHY you should care.
  • The call to action button has benefits: “Register now to get your first free bonus”; it is large and in a striking colour. The old design just said “Join us” to start playing, without benefits.
  • The real customer testimonial in the redesign adds proof. We’re all interested in human stories, and are much more likely to believe a proposition that is validated by third party evidence.

Those relatively simple changes are enough to generate 30% more sign-ups.

Great Return on Investment!

The cost? A lot, lot less than it would cost to get 30% more sign-ups through pay-per-click ads, organic SEO, or a PR campaign!

And here’s the best bit. The client gets to enjoy the 30% boost next month, and every month after that, at no extra cost!

Of course, there’s always more we can do with conversion optimization. The sky’s the limit.

If you’re interested, here’s the design I sent to the client. It has more changes than what could be implemented this time round, including the logo and navigation.

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