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A few months ago, I ran a series of Marketing Masterclass webinars, which address some of the most fundamental and important aspects of any business.

The first webinar is called Multiply Your Profits (with One Simple Trick), where I reveal the vicious cycle that traps most business owners… Working too hard for too many hours, doing work that’s just good enough, and never quite getting your head above water…

I then present an alternative pattern, which you can start applying in your business today, and start working LESS with NO loss of revenue, giving you time to invest in the things you care about most.

I also give you a series of six simple and extremely powerful steps that will help you make the switch NOW. (And I’ll show you how to double your worth — instantly.)

The second webinar is “Make the Move from Web Designer to Web Consultant”.

It takes the principles set out in the first Masterclass and shows you how you can apply them to make the switch from being a generalist to a specialist, move up the food chain, and reinvent yourself as a far more valuable service provider.

(This does NOT ONLY apply to the web design sector. That just happens to be the sector I’ve spent most of my career in. Whatever service sector you’re in, this will help you!)

The third video is “Quit Your Day Job” and it’s for any of us who feel something is holding us back from living our dreams, unable to make the break from the day job to doing what we love full-time.

This webinar is packed with tips on choosing what work to do (which is critical) and how to charge for it. And we’ll throw out the insidious myths that hold us down.

Over four and a half hours, these practical webinars will change the way you think about your work, and change the way you work for ever.

William’s Story

I just got this testimonial out of the blue from William Betts, who took the Masterclass series when I first released it.

He’s been an IT professional for many years, working with his nose to the grindstone, but his passion in life is practising and teaching Qi Gong and Tai Chi.

Watch this short video to discover how William slashed the number of hours he was working, without losing one penny, which has given him the vital time he needed to make his dreams a reality.

watch the video

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