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MasterClass Series: “Multiply Your Profits” and “Make The Move From Web Designer to Web Consultant”

I just completed a series of two Marketing Masterclass webinars – totalling over 3 hours of coaching that could literally transform your whole life!

I kicked off the series with a big promise …

“Multiply Your Profits With One Simple Trick” (1 hour 49 minutes)

Here’s the promise I make at the start of the MasterClass…

“This webinar will inspire you and give you simple, small steps that you can action immediately, which will transform your work, and measurably increase your happiness.”

That’s exactly what this MasterClass delivers. (See testimonials below.)

Now I know it sounds like a cheap diet or “grow your d*ck” ad, but in this case it’s 100% true!

Seriously. Since I learned this one simple thing, and started applying it every day, it has literally transformed my business…

And it will do the same for you. I guarantee it.

Whether you’re a designer, a small business owner, a big business owner, a freelancer, a developer…

Whatever you do, I’ll show you how to MAKE MORE MONEY – AND save time and energy!

You’ll be amazed how simple it really is.

This is not a change you make to your website. It isn’t a marketing strategy or tactic like that… It’s a change you make to YOU.

This MasterClass will challenge and confront you. It will show you where you’re leaving money on the table, every day you show up to work.

But – most importantly – it shows you exactly what you need to do about it.

I thought this was just going to be a 60-minute presentation, but I got on a big roll, and this recording is about 100 minutes long, and it’s packed with practical advice.

In fact, it includes a short list of things you should do immediately to start making yourself more effective, happier, and wealthier!

I also give you a weekly work analysis chart for an exercise I’ll show you (that is sure to pay for the Masterclass all on its own)! Make sure you’re logged in to Google Drive, then do File > Make a Copy.

Free Cheat Sheet

Plus, there’s a great little one-page cheat sheet you can print off and stick on your wall.

Even if you don’t purchase the Masterclass recording, I hope you print this!

"Multiply Your Profits" printable cheat sheet

Plus Bonus Masterclass #2 – “Make The Move From Web Designer To Web Consultant” (1 hour, 39 minutes – now included at no extra cost!)

The second Masterclass in the series leads directly on from the first, taking the 80:20 principles to their logical conclusion. If you’re in a service type role (like web designer), it makes a LOT of sense to set your course on becoming a consultant as soon as possible!

I give you seven compelling reasons why you should become a consultant now! I’ll prove to you that you’re worth a LOT more than you’re getting paid now.

Then, there’s a whole section that addresses the internal dialogue, fear, and excuses we make to avoid being the best we can be.

Finally, I give you a roadmap for becoming a consultant, with all my best tips on billing and marketing.

I’m so confident this is some of the most valuable coaching you’ll ever receive… if you buy this Masterclass series and you don’t agree it will be worth many many times the $39 fee, just tell me and I’ll refund your money.

Download Now - only $39

What People Have Said About This Masterclass Series

“I don’t know of any anyone who could not apply the lessons in this Masterclass to do better paying, more rewarding work, and lead a better balanced personal life.”
Rob Drummond

“Simply put, this webinar reveals the “true secret” to success… tested and proven by generations”
Bera Aksoy

“Since I’m a stay-at-home mom also working as a web designer/marketing consultant, I have to work especially hard to manage my time. Every minute I spend on work is time NOT spent with my family. If I want to keep being home with my family, I have to be profitable.

“But, the way I was working before, the only way to be profitable meant working more hours. If I’m going to work longer hours, then I might as well go out and get a full time job and put my daughter in daycare. It would defeat the whole purpose. Like you said, no one on their deathbed wishes they had worked more.

“I hope you will be posting the recording of this webinar, because I need to watch it every day until it becomes second nature. I’m going to take notes on the replay because that’s how I learn and internalize new things. I may even make a checklist of questions to print out and ask myself before doing anything.”
Sarah Peters

“I’m so happy that you were able to share the essence of all these concepts concisely, and I felt peace sensing how others were appreciating your webinar, and how rewarding it was for you to feel like you’re making a real difference to people’s lives.”
Huilin Oon

“Thanks so much for the Multiply Your Profits MasterClass. As I was watching and listening, I found myself nodding my head for almost every slide. This is the key for me to take that next step in my professional career.”
Bill Betts

“This webinar was so helpful in seeing where my roadblocks were to profitability. Now, I just have to put into action, the plan Ben laid out of things to work on right away.”
Doreen Hulsey

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