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Windows, You’re Fired!

That’s it. I’m done. Next pay day, I’m going to get a Mac, and retire the last Windows machine in the house.

The Tipping Point
I’ve reached the tipping point, where I’ll actually be more productive on a Mac. I’ve used a Windows PC as my main work machine for my whole career, and I always thought it would slow me down to move, but that has changed.

I’ve been on this PC for somewhere between 2 and 3 years, running Windows 7. It seemed blisteringly fast when I first got it. Now, it’s just going the same way as every other Win PC I’ve ever used. Slows down, memory gets eaten up for unknown reasons, and it takes longer and longer to start or to restart.

I just had to restart, and I swear it took over 5 minutes before I could actually do anything. That’s just crazy.

This isn’t an underpowered PC either. It’s a proper tower with a decent processor and 8GB of RAM. The problem has to be inherent with Windows.

My office and home have become more Mac environments over time. I have two Macbook Airs (11-in and now a new 13-incher); our  family computer is an iMac (which has always performed well, even though it’s over 4 years old), and we have an iPad and half a dozen iPhones.

So, goodbye Windows. I can’t say I’ll miss you.

Changing The Way I Work

There’s another factor that has a bearing on this decision.

The way I use my computer now is distinctly different to the way I’ve worked for the previous couple of decades.

Much more is done in the browser (Chrome). Google is really my main operating system now. I can log on to any Chrome browser, and access all my files and 95% of the apps I use most: WordPress, Google Drive, Analytics, Convert.com, Infusionsoft, Moz, Basecamp, Huddle, etc.

The only piece of software I can’t really use in the browser is Photoshop, but if I had to, I’d be able to make do with Pix.lr.

Plus, I’m applying the 80/20 principle more and more in the way I work. It’s permeating everything I do… actually, it’s having more impact on the things I don’t do!

As a younger man, I took pride in throwing superhuman effort at a problem: creating new software, writing original code, spending days in Photoshop coming up with an original design.

Nowadays, I take the opposite approach! I now take pride in the work I don’t do: by delegating the right work to the right people, saying “no” to the wrong prospects, and focusing my time and resources on the correct problems.

So I’m typing less, and thinking more. That means what I need from my work computer is different. I just want it to be there, ready and able to open a new tab when I need it. And that means I need a Mac.

(Broken Windows picture credit Wallconvert.com)

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