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What is the Future for the Web Design Profession?

If you can now buy a website theme for $49 that is actually better than a website you would have paid $49,000 for just a few years ago, where does that leave web designers?

I had a call today with my buddy Perry Marshall, marketing genius and author of two of my favourite books: 80/20 Sales and Marketing, and his new Evolution 2.0.

We discussed “Web Design is Dead” and what it means for the web design or online marketing sector as a whole. And I’ve recorded the conversation, because I think you’ll find it illuminating.

I’m doing most of the talking for the first half of this 52-minute discussion, where I present my ideas for the future of my profession, including…

  • A new profit-sharing model to replace the old upfront-fees model.
  • Scope for massive specialization, made possible by the new global skills marketplace.
  • And the need for a new discipline: online marketing strategist.

In the second half, Perry gets to talk, and offers his thoughts on whether this “heaven on earth” scenario could ever be a reality.


Download the MP3 (18MB)

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