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I Will Train You to be a Pro Web Designer

Ben Hunt’s Pro Web Design Course is a unique opportunity to master the professional web design skills required for a career in web design.

If you take this six month online course, I guarantee you will be able to earn a living crafting high-quality web sites for your own customers.

How would you like to earn £30,000 a year?

According to itjobswatch.co.uk the average salary for a web designer in the UK in 2011 is £30,000. The Pro Web Design Course will give you everything you need to make a living as a web designer, either through employment, or by setting up your own web design business.

You’ll not only be trained in the graphical and technical aspects of building web sites, but also in the core skills including branding, marketing, sales, search engine optimisation, and customer service.

What You’ll Learn

  • You’ll discover what really makes web sites work – and how to do it yourself!
  • Graphic design techniques, from the basics to advanced eye candy.
  • How to research, plan, and build excellent web sites.
  • Pro-level skills in SEO, keyword research, copywriting, Photoshop, HTML, CSS3, WordPress, and more …
  • Exclusive access to extra tools and course materials from some of the best teachers in other areas!
  • Access to a private forum – only for Pro Web Design Course students, where you can share tips and ideas.
  • And LOTS more! I’m adding new content to this course all the time – and you’ll get it ALL!

See For Yourself

Here is some actual video content from the course, just a small preview of the 35 videos in the first month alone.

Shiny Table Reflection Effect in Photoshop


Simple CSS3 Gradients


Your Web Design “Business Chassis”


Choose a payment plan to suit you

You can pay for the course in monthly installments , or save 25% on the total price if you pay in full.

Head over to prowebdesigncourse.com to find out more and sign up.

About the author

Ben Hunt

Ben has over 20 years' experience in web design and marketing, and is one of the most influential figures on the subject of effective web design. He has written a bunch of books and spoken at multiple conferences internationally.In 2015, Ben created Open-Source Marketing, which promises to turn the practice of marketing upside down.. Find out more at http://opensourcemarketingproject.org

Hannah Hurst - 5 years ago

Learning the skills to become a web designer is an exceptional tool to have in today’s times. Becoming a web designer comprises of much more than just making the relevant pages look appealing. So to have the opportunity to be trained on branding, marketing, sales, SEO and customer service is a real opportunity that should not be missed.

Coaching on mental disciplines such as confidence is a key element. Without the confidence not only in yourself, but the confidence to talk to customers all your designs will loose the quality they deserve. This seems like a great opportunity for a lot of people, with the course compromising of many crucial but fun tasks.

Karin - 5 years ago

Very interesting.Thanks for sharing.

asha - 5 years ago

Thanks for your advice. I Think it,s very creative and interesting job.Again thanks for sharing.

Mark Dansby - 4 years ago

I am color blind should this effect my ability to be a web developer ?

JOSEPH SABBAGH - 4 years ago

I am a good photoshop worker and sort of i exell in creating my own jewelery jobs, my son is a pre_professional web programmer from Mc Gill university of Canada ,as we where speaking he gave the idea to become a web designer , do you thing it is possible for me who in my fifties soon. MANY THANKS FOR YOUR ANSWER. JOE SABBAGH

    Ben Hunt - 4 years ago

    Hi Joe.

    Yes, we have older members of the Pro Web Design Alliance. It’s now more affordable than ever at $97/month, so why not try it out?

Richard - 4 years ago

You claim to know your stuff on how to build a successful web site and yet your own web site doesn

    Ben Hunt - 4 years ago

    I’ve forgotten it. W3C standards are all well and good, but if it’s a choice between spending my time tweaking my HTML to make a computer happy, or creating great content to help make people money, I’ll choose the latter.

    Sounds like you know it all already anyway 😉

Richard - 4 years ago

It’s all well and good having great content and it looking fine on the screen but search engines also read the same code (and in this case the errors). So having HTML ‘soup’ is not going to help search engine placement. It’s not about making the computer happy but the browsers that render the code to screen along with the search engine bots.

Good search engine placement = more traffic = more sales. No point having a good looking site if no one can find it!

Creating clean code not only helps with SEO but also ensures that as new browser technology arises, your site will still display as it was intended.

Just imagine spending days/weeks/months creating a great looking site only to find it displays strange on some browsers now or in the future.

Unfortunately, I do not know it all already otherwise I would also be selling tuition as you are but to ignore and not care about the important basic steps like removing code errors is not the way to build professional money making web sites regardless on how pretty it looks!

Richard - 4 years ago

and that’s not even mentioning about the 306 errors and 111 warnings in your CSS as well!

    Ben Hunt - 4 years ago

    Thanks Richard. This site gets around 2000 visits from Google search per day. How much would you say that will increase if I spend days trying to “fix” the markup and CSS to meet someone’s standards?

Richard - 4 years ago

Nice round figure you plucked there! 😉

In answer to your question, you will never know because in your own words you don’t care.

So you believe that creating good clean code is of no importance, not only for future browser technology but also for SEO reasons?

Are image ‘ALT’ tags, undefined elements, incorrect attributes, duplicated CSS etc. also non-important? They are very important, just as important as meta tags and descriptions and not correcting them is just plain sloppy.

It is not a case of simply meeting someone’s standards as explained in my last post but also ensures a quality finished product that shows the designer/builder has taken care to produce an interoperable web site that search engines like.

It amazes me how you find this of no importance but try to teach people how to build professional sites and SEO techniques.

Anyway, we shall agree to disagree.

    Ben Hunt - 4 years ago

    I’m not saying that stuff has no value, but that its value is significantly lower than creating great content, powerful propositions, and other stuff that actually gets people talking, visiting, and taking action. It’s fine if you want to set yourself the goal of validating, but it isn’t really in the realm of marketing, in my opinion.

Elizabeth Blackwell - 4 years ago

What is the exact duration of the course, since here you mentioned it is a 6 month course, where in the respective website it shows 13 month subscription, so I am quite confused regarding the duration of the course. Thank you for your future response..

    Ben Hunt - 4 years ago

    Elizabeth, you take the course at your own pace. There is 6 months’ worth of content, if you did about one hour per day. There’s something for every day, Monday to Friday, for 6 months.

    Most people find it takes them 9-12 months to complete all the material. Others may not go into every area (business, design, production, traffic, conversion, copywriting etc.) in as much detail, or may have more time, and can get through the material quicker.

    13 months should be achievable for most people.

N.W - 4 years ago

Hi Ben!

What do you need to be able to do this course? such as programs etc.

    Ben Hunt - 4 years ago

    Most of the tools you will use are free. I recommend Photoshop (any version). That’s really the only commercial software, although I use SEOmoz Pro heavily as well now. It depends whether you’ll focus on graphic design or SEO.

Abbas - 4 years ago

I sincerely want to say a very thankfull for your advice,and more regard to you for having time to do it. Thank you !

Ravi kumar - 3 years ago

Mr. hunt im a good creative photoshop designer so i looking to my life a web designer so i confusing choose web technologies, my friend say they’re different kind of he said, so let me know about the web technologies and which is good for me

    Ben Hunt - 3 years ago

    Hi Ravi. I would strongly advise you to take the course, where you’ll find out what you really need to make money as a professional web designer.

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