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Start Your Own Web Design Business and Be Making Money in Weeks

Professional Web Design Course

Do you dream of getting out of the nine-to-five, maybe working from home at times that suit you, being your own boss, and making real money?

Businesses around the world are desperate for good, trustworthy web professionals.

Believe it or not, most web designers do not understand how to make websites that succeed! I see it every day.

I’m training a new generation of web designers. That clients just love to work with. Who earn a nice living by doing a great job, making the world a better place.

If you have the motivation, I believe you can be a true web professional – and I’m offering to help.

In fact, I want to help set you up in business.

Here’s the deal. I’m offering to give you all my 18 years’ experience as a pro web designer.

And I’ll personally guarantee that you make a profit!

Where’s the catch? Actually, there isn’t one. Let me explain…

A Vision of a Better Web

Since I started in 1994, I have made websites for all kinds of clients – from sole traders to government.

I have earned a good living doing something I really enjoy. And it has paid well.

But something was always missing.

What I really wanted to do was to make the web better. And it was clear I could not do that one website at a time . With 50 million new websites each year, what difference could I make as one designer?

So, eighteen months ago, I decided to put everything into training the next generation of web designers.

I spent the next six months recording all the most important insights I had ever learned about making websites that work, frequently working into the early hours of the morning.

Over 43 Hours of the Best Coaching Money Can Buy

The result is my Pro Web Design Course. This is not a course in how to design great websites. It is a complete step-by-step guide to setting up your own business.

It comprises over 43 hours of videos, plus a heap of additional resources.

In this course, I’ll give you every tip, trick, and technique I know that can help make the difference between success and failure.

The Pro Web Design Course really does contain everything you need to be a great web designer.

Seriously! You can ask any of the students who have taken the course (find some of them here, or read on).

I would say that, after you have taken just half this course, you will know more about truly effective web design than the average “professional” designer out there!

What You’ll Get

I believe this is the most comprehensive, practical, and profitable course on web marketing and design that money can buy!

Graphic Design

While not every web page has to look beautiful, it should look right for the job it is doing. Obviously, any pro web designer needs high-end graphic design skills.

In the graphic design section of the course, I’ll give you a complete grounding in graphic design for the web using Photoshop. (Other graphics programs are available, but my examples all use Photoshop.)


In this section, I cover the building blocks of all websites: HTML and CSS, including the latest versions. Later in the course, we’ll dive into WordPress – the incredible publishing platform that turned the content management market on its head.


Knowing how to design and build websites is only part of what you need to be a fully rounded web pro.

The Business section trains you in all the critical areas like sales, client management, branding,


SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is one of the most critical areas in making effective websites. SEO can make the difference between success and failure.

The Pro Web Design Course features my very best and latest training in proven SEO techniques – “SEO from Scratch”. SEO moves quickly, so this content is updated regularly.


No skill has a greater impact on the success of a website than its written content. I’ll show you how to craft powerful content that gets results!

Conversion Optimisation

Conversion Optimisation is quite a new area in web design – and an extremely important one. It is the discipline of getting as many visitors as possible to take the action you want.

I wrote a whole book on the subject last year (which gets great reviews like this one). I’ll share all the knowledge from Convert! with you, and apply it with numerous case studies.

That’s Not All

I’ll also give you all of these as part of the course!

  • My full “SEO from Scratch” video training course (4 hours, worth $99)
  • Save the Pixel – 2nd Edition” – my best-selling ebook on simple web design (worth $27).
  • Convert!” – my second book, on conversion optimisation, getting rave reviews on Amazon (worth $29.99).
  • Another bonus ebook packed with HTML and CSS production tips.
  • Premium Content – priority access to my latest research and tutorials, months before the rest of the world.
  • We have an excellent private forum, just for PWDC students, where you can chat with me and other experienced designers and marketers.
  • Your own listing on the Find a Pro Web Designer website.
  • Opportunity to get involved in commercial projects – working alongside me and other experienced designers.
  • Free leads, work opportunities and collaborative projects!

How it Works

The the Pro Web Design Course will give you all the skills you need, whether you want to design web sites for clients, or improve your own online marketing,

Take the course wherever you are, in your own time, and at your own pace.

  • You can take this course from anywhere in the world
    As long as you have a decent Internet connection, it doesn’t matter where you are, or what time of day works best for you.
  • You can do the course in your own time.
    There’s no time limit. All the materials are yours to download and keep – for ever!
  • You don’t need advanced technical skills
    to take this course. If you can use a computer, and you’re comfortable on the web, I’ll teach you the rest.
  • I’m adding new content all the time.
    Like my new “SEO from Scratch” series (worth $97), which I added last month, or the video about Google Website Optimizer I added this week.

You Really Can Have a New Career – in Weeks

The course content is arranged over a six-month schedule, but you can work through the material in any way that works for you.

If you are working in a day job, you may find the material takes you a year to work through.

If you are not working, you may complete the course within a few months.

Take Fredrik Lange from Sweden. He says

“It’s an absolute joy to go through the goldmine of material that Ben modestly calls a “course”. There is probably no course like this in the world. I’m currently in month 3 and web marketing have never felt more logical and obvious. My clients now knows why they fail and I can now help them to make more money – which is what my business is all about. This course is worth every penny, and makes you into a pro web marketer in no time.”
Fredrik Lange

After just four months on the course, Fredrik’s brand new marketing business took off so much that he was able to quit his previous job, and has never looked back!

100% Guaranteed Profit

That’s right. Here’s the deal.

100% Money-back guaranteeIf you are willing to complete the Pro Web Design Course – and put its recommendations into practice, YOU WILL PROFIT.

I guarantee that you will make back the complete price of the course in your first six months. If you do not make more than that amount, let me know and I will immediately refund you every penny.

The only condition is that you have to do the work. No course or program can make you money online. Only you can do that! But I promise you, if you follow my advice, you will be a great web designer, and you will have a business.

So there’s absolutely nothing to lose – and everything to gain.

How to Join

You can get the Pro Web Design Course two ways:

  1. Pay monthly – only $97 per month (over 13 months)
  2. Pay in full – 25% off – just $975!

What My Students Say

“This course hands down is the best value out there, really on the planet.

No other designer, that I have heard or read of is giving away their secrets. Ben is totally transparent. I honestly didn’t think he would be as forth coming as he has been. I am still shocked. It’s like an all access pass inside Ben’s head and world which is a goldmine of knowledge.

The bonuses he has provided and continues to provide may pay for the course. If you want to further your career or start a business this course is a must.
Marlon Fudge, Connecticut

This course is the best investment I’ve made this year!

Mederana Clarke

I am becoming a very confident web designer due to the Pro Web Design Course and have no regrets at all about purchasing it.

Lori Finn

Apart from the business modules, I absolutely love all the SEO stuff a completely new subject to me, but I love it!

I really like the practicals when they relate to my business. From identifying what my business niche might be, working on my brand etc. to researching the keywords for my business. Whenever it feels like it’s applying to the real world, it’s great. It makes me feel like I’m moving forward with my business plans.

Some of best parts of the course have been the “extras”. I think the fact that you don’t know what might be coming up next makes it quite exciting.

Web Site Works is brilliant. I get so much out of watching your reviews of real sites, what’s bad & good, and how to improve them. I make so many notes when watching those videos.

I do like the sense that I’m not just reading a set of course notes and watching some videos. The additional webinars, offers like newbie PPC, and the forum do make you feel part of something that’s a little more alive and exciting and that makes the learning more fun.

I really liked the guest presenter webinar (newbie PPC). Insights and different perspectives from different people in the industry is great. More of those if possible please.

Your availability and contributions to the forums, additional webinars and responsiveness to adding requested content all go to making this course feel like something special.

Overall this course is giving me the confidence and skills that I need to start my own business and to know that I’m approaching things in a professional way and will be providing a quality service to my customers.

It’s also reassuring to know that during the learning process there’s support and help out there should I need it.


It has been an educational experience to learn the 21st century marketing tools that were not taught in college when I graduated in marketing many years ago.


Confidence, confidence, confidence through a clear understanding of what makes websites fail (I LOVE the Website Works vids). Also the SEO/keyword angle has been jaw-dropping. I’ve not seen this kind of help or info anywhere else on the web. And I’m now delving into WordPress in a way I would never have dreamed possible only a few months back.

Also something else: a kind of understanding of ‘real world’ web design issues — many books, blogs, online vids deal with CSS or HTML in a near abstract way, removed from real site situations. Sometimes you enter a ‘CSS blog’ and feel like you’re in the inner sanctum of some obscure language written by some ‘master’. It’s annoying and can also be slightly intimidating. I can now see there’s nothing particularly ‘real’ about that approach. Of course CSS is important, but at the end of the day it’s just a tool, it’s not poetry, and a website needs a whole load of other stuff to make it work.

Also my own site…previously I had adopted the ‘designer’ mantle and my site was very much like a lot of designers’ sites: pretty, exclusive, removed from any need to grab attention or push for clients. It was a piece of ‘art’, not a website! Well I’m currently reworking it in a BH kinda way and feel soooo liberated by that.

I now KNOW where it should be going and thanks to Convert! and the Awareness Ladder its self-image has changed radically from one of ‘preciousness’ to a practical application of real world principles. (I’ll be starting a blog soon where I’ll be doing a lot of book reviews, Convert! will be top of the list.) This course has re-focused my attention, made me see what the real web design issues are and what they are not!

Thanks for everything Ben.. Oh, and another thing, I’m damn sure you could charge a lot more than you currently do!!

Tony Eddicott

I have got far more then I ever expected out of the Pro Web Design Course!

I design web sites in a way that even veteran swedish web designers dont undestand and they cant respond to it. They cannot delive result, which I can. They make a sience of something I can make simple.

It has taken my business to a whole new level and a whole new approach to every detail in my business really.

From selling to producing to follow up — every word — every sale — everything has changed for the better with new understanding of people and marketing.

That is not including the leads to the system seminar which lead to affiliate marketing, webinars etz which I probably would never have found unless I was on the PWDC.

Oh btw, the price is not to high. If anything you could charge more.

Here is a great summary. I used to drive a old Saab and now I drive a new Audi. That just says everything.

Without giving you my life background, but I have no prior education.

I’ve been making web sites as a hobby for 10 years but never known anything about internet marketing.

After “Swedish high school” I went to work as a car mechanic at my dads company.

Clients used to just get a web site. These days they know that if they give me one dollar they will probably get 2 or 3 dollars back. They get business which is what its all about.

I was not really a professional so I obviously learned ALOT. But that also says alot about the quality of the course. I skipped everything about HTML, CSS and Photoshop and still I’ve learned more then I could ever expect.

Professionals can learn from it, beginners can learn alot from it. It also puts web design in a brand new perspective that its not about development skills.

After watching month one, I emailed 4-5 of my clients and asked to make some changes to their website and I said: “Its just an experiment, but if this makes a good impact on your conversion, is it OK if I charge X dollars?” The course paid for itself from just the impact of one of those “experiments”.

Most of this stuff is fundamental and thats the part were missing.

In month one when there was like “Definition of a trade” I though “seriously… I’m not that bad…” but I learned alot even at that level and I belive most people do.

I watch clients how they run their business and probably 70 % of them dont know the real definition of a trade. Everything has changed since the course.

Also not included, the absolutely great “community” feel to the forums and blog posting and everything.

Here is a short list of what has changed because of the course:

  • Business is developed from a clients perspective
  • Business is beeing done outside sweden aswell.
  • I also makes web site reviewes — and people pay for the opinion
  • Every design comes with a “strategy” or a “This is how its gonna work for you”
  • When people ask how much it cost to make a web site, the only answer is “How much do you want to earn?”
  • When people ask why something is not working I love to be able to say “Because…” rather then “huh.. well I dont know”.
  • Marketing is no longer a gamble and I try to make sure my clients feel the same way
  • Selling production / programming is no longer as important — more time goes to creating result.
I’ve been planing to make that testimonial video for you but Ben, you’ve kind of made me busy :-P

Fredrik Lange

How to Join

You can get the Pro Web Design Course two ways:

  1. Pay monthly – only $97 per month (over 13 months)
  2. Pay in full – 25% off – just $975!

“I am not exaggerating when I say that taking the Pro Web Design Course changed my life. I now have a real business that works around my family.”
Sarah Peters, NJ

Ben is an excellent teacher and his words ring true. For over a year I have studied SEO, keyword research, web analytics, email marketing, social media marketing, and designing websites using WordPress (HTML, CCS3, PHP). I have also extensively studied in mastering Photoshop and honing my photography skills.

While I have a good grasp of the above skills, I was having difficulty seeing how each skill-piece fit to form the larger marketing puzzle. With almost every video or book from Ben that I have viewed or read, I literally have an epiphany about the direction and model I need to develop for my website marketing business, True Web Architect. I needed direction and Ben has paved my path with his philosophy about designing profitable websites. The puzzle is starting to take shape, and I am so glad that I discovered Ben’s Pro Web Design Couse.

M. Todd Magee, http://www.truewebarchitect.com/


I have a list of Frequently Asked Questions here.

Still Unsure? Talk to Me!

If you think the Pro Web Design Course may be what you’re looking for, but you’re unsure for any reason, please email me. Let me know your concerns, questions, and challenges.

Email me NOW at ben@benhunt.net and I promise I’ll respond personally as soon as I can.

If it is within my power, I will try to resolve any issue you may have.

Still Not Convinced? Speak to Some Other Students

Let me know if you would like to speak directly to people who have already taken the Pro Web Design Course. I’ll be happy to connect you.

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