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Recommended font resources for web designers

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UrbanFonts.com for free fonts

If you only have one bookmark for free fonts, this is the one to use.

Urban Fonts screenshot

UrbanFonts.com has all the fonts you’ll ever need.
They tick all the right boxes for a font site:

  • Quality – They keep out the dross so you get a manageable selection of good fonts
  • Easy to browse – Fonts are organised in useful categories (see below)
  • Good samples – There’s a nice big grab of each font, means more scrolling but better quality
  • Articles – giving you advice on selecting fonts

If you need a little bit more distinction,
UrbanFonts also offers a selection of affordable high-quality fonts.


A really useful set of font categories, which help you focus in on the right shape, style or mood.

Click on any of the categories below to browse them on Urban Fonts.


FontThing for browsing your fonts

I have hundreds of fonts installed on my computer.
When working in Photoshop, it’s not possible to scroll through all my fonts to find the right face for a particular use.

That’s where The Font Thing comes in.
It’s totally free to use, and lets me type in some text and then browse what that text will look like in all the fonts I have installed.

Font Thing screenshot

Font Thing is one of the top 5 productivity applications I couldn’t live without.

Some text will work great in one font, but look awful in another, because some fonts have weak letters or patterns.
So it’s often important to match a font to the text that will be shown in that font.

Just type in the text you want to see, set the size using the slider at the bottom, and you can scroll through all your installed fonts, looking out for something that has the right feel.


Font Thing works on versions of Windows from Win95 onwards, but not on Mac/Linux.
If you use a similar app for other operating systems, let me know and I’ll post them here.

Font browsers for Mac

Other font sites

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