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I Created Websites, Now I Create Businesses!


Notes on the ProWebDesignCourse by Jonathan, FromScratchTo.com

Jonathan was one of the first students on my Pro Web Design Course.

Already working as a full-time web designer, he tells how the course has enriched his knowledge across the board.

“I’ve been following Ben’s blog for quite some time now.  He’s always been offering insight to design, content, seo, graphics, html, css, and much more, and frankly, he’s pretty much always on point, so it was a no brainer for me to sign up for the PWDC as soon as it was offered.

I didn’t really know what to expect when I first signed up except that I would actually be learning from the guy who pretty much set principal standards in the web design industry, for me at least.

The insight that I learned from the course completely opened my mind to entirely new perspectives involving web design, development, marketing, seo, and so much more.Simple questions like what is web design and what is business start the course off and right away you know that you’re in for something completely new and different.

I went from offering simple custom designs with a price attached to actually putting an incredible amount of value to everything that I do from design to research, development and beyond.

You’ll learn that a design is no longer just a design.  Your target audience is much more important than you think.  The entire way you look at your marketing will be different.

Even for those who really don’t know how to design or develop websites, Ben makes it incredibly easy by showing you in depth how it all works together.  If you ever get confused or lost, there’s a whole community (including myself) that will help you out via the online forums!

You’ll be able to discuss opinions, course materials, and even work with other members who took Ben’s course.  It’s a great way to network and make incredible connections.

From where I was to where I am there is a much noticed difference.

I was designing websites, now I’m creating businesses.  I was creating content, now I’m creating conversions.  I thought SEO was just traffic, now I know SEO is much more.

The craziest thing… we’re only half way through and I can already offer my clients so much more than what I could before.”

by Jonathan, FromScratchTo.com

How could the Pro Web Design Course help you succeed? Find out!

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