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Hosting that Helps the Environment?

A lot of us are looking for ways to minimize the impact of our business on the natural world.

I was shocked to discover that, even with computers getting more energy-efficient, by 2020 the web hosting industry is on track to produce more environmental pollution than the global airline industry! That is a stunning statistic.

Incredibly, the average web server, running 24/7, is responsible for pumping 1390 pounds (630 kg) of CO2 into the atmosphere each year.

So what can we do? How can we… business owners, web designers, developers, help to halt this trend?

Any Such Thing as Green Hosting?

Here’s one thing you can do — easily and cheaply. There is a growing global movement in support of carbon off-setting, and other smart ways of investing in energy.

One company in the United States, GreenGeeks (*affiliate link), implements a novel approach. They actually purchase wind energy credits worth three times the value of all the energy they use, effectively paying for 3x more clean, green energy to go back into the US grid than their servers take out.

Imagine what a difference it would make if everyone switched to a service like GreenGeeks. It would be like removing all the pollution dumped into the atmosphere by airplanes. Every time we choose to invest our dollars in a business that offsets its energy use this way, it’s one more “vote” for sustainable energy. (And we know that votes matter!)

Is There a Cost?

Nope! In fact, it’s astonishingly cheap to go green. I was surprised when I did a comparison.

I pay £39.99 per month for one of my reseller accounts with a UK hosting provider (TSOhost). That gives me unlimited websites on CPanel, and all the bandwidth I need. (In reality, last month all the sites I host on there used less than 2GB of bandwidth!)

You can buy reseller hosting from TSO for just under £30/month, that’s US$37.32 in today’s money. For that you get up to 100 websites (see image below).

Compare that to GreenGeeks and, well, there is no comparison. GreenGeeks’ most basic reseller package will give you unlimited websites and 500GB of bandwidth (way more than you’d ever use) for just $19.95, practically half the cost of my UK provider.

Green hosting price comparison

I know I should probably move all my websites over to GreenGeeks, not just to save money, but to save greenhouse gases too. In fact, they offer a free migration service, so that is something I may consider. (Let me say that I have been very happy with TSO’s service and especially support, however I may still look into moving over.)

This is not one of those “virtual” pop-up hosting providers, who just resell other people’s services with knock-down support. Over 8 years they’ve built a customer base of 35,000 businesses, and host over 300,000 websites. They’ve won a bunch of awards over the years AND offer a 30-day money-back guarantee to give you peace of mind.

Bottom line… If you’re looking for a web host (for any size business), or if you would consider moving to a new provider, you’d need a very very compelling reason not to go green.


* Note: Links to GreenGeeks are affiliate links, so if you agree with me that they look great, and you sign up, I’ll get a kickback.


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