Google Plus is Not a Social Network

Google are experimenting with letting you add G+ “brand pages” to your circles from search results, reports Search Engine Land.

Now, back in 2006, I predicted the advent of a universal reputation engine that could centralise all our “relationships” and help improve most applications. I expanded on the concept in 2009.

When Google Plus came out, I thought, “Maybe this is the start of the Web3.0 reputation layer?” (here’s the post).

The question is not whether Google Plus will out-Facebook Facebook, or out-Twitter Twitter. The opportunity is so much bigger than that. I think Google is looking farther down the road – and they’re on the money!

Google Plus is not just a social network.

And this is just the start. Being able to make links between “you” and brands. Of course, Facebook have had this for years, but the key difference is pervasiveness.

You can link from within Google search results. But that’s not the end of it. There’s also GMail, Google Checkout, Calendar… and all the other functions within the Google Plus “social network.”

Consider that the G+ button is appearing on millions of web pages. That opens the door to creating relationship links between people, brands, companies, products, events, news stories, music tracks, ideas, stocks. Get the picture?

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