“SEO from Scratch” Training Video Series

I want to show you something amazing.

Here are traffic graphs from Google Analytics for five small business websites I’ve worked on in the past 12 months. Check out the growth.

What caused that? Nothing more than some basic search engine optimisation.

Nothing fancy, nothing clever, just doing some simple things the right way.

In fact, results like these are quite everyday in my business – and they are also amazingly easy to achieve.

Better WordPress Content

Wouldn’t you like to see that kind of growth in traffic on your website?

What difference would an increase of 100% – 200% – 400% in your website’s visitors mean to your business?

If the thought of SEO sounds daunting, please don’t worry, it honestly isn’t.

I’ve just created a series of four videos that will demystify SEO and make it really easy for you. In fact, I guarantee it will transform your traffic. Let me explain how…

My new “SEO from Scratch” series:

  1. Explains what SEO is all about, then
  2. Shows you exactly what to do and how to do it
  3. Plus – gives you free tools to do it

I have tried to make it as simple as possible to get the same results my clients enjoy.

Is This You?

Most website owners simply don’t know what they have to do to get ahead.

Some who have some idea think it’s too hard.

But the few who take the time to skill up.. clean up!

It’s a sad fact that most small business websites are not optimised – at all!

The bad news is that yours is probably one of them.

The good news is that so are your competitors’ sites. This gives you a massive opportunity!

Most small businesses are simply leaving money on the table every day. Many have spent four figures on a website that will never get enough traffic to pay for itself. Maybe you’re one of them.

This Situation Needs to Change

That’s why I developed my “SEO from Scratch” series.

Because SEO is not rocket science, or a dark art. It’s simple marketing.

The key to winning is to use your time wisely, knowing exactly what to do when. I can show you.

Websites that are optimised (using the simple skills I can give you) will get the majority of traffic. In fact, they get a really unfair advantage.

  • Did you know that the top result in the search engine results will typically get one third of all the clicks?
  • That’s twice as many as the page right behind it in the #2 spot.
  • And a massive thirty times more traffic than the result at the top of page two!

Success — Guaranteed!

If you have a website and you apply my step-by-step system, you will get more traffic — guaranteed! My system simply does not fail!

If the unthinkable happens and you don’t see a boost in traffic, tell me and I’ll help you directly or refund your investment. So there’s nothing to lose and everything to gain.

What You’ll Get

There are four core videos, totalling over three hours of all the essential training you need to succeed:

  • SEO fundamentals
  • Keyword Research
  • Content & Optimisation
  • Promotion & Tracking

You can watch these videos online, or download them to keep and review offline.

The package also includes a Keyword Research Handbook, giving you clear steps you can follow when doing your own research.

Plus, after I tried a range of SEO tools on the market (including some which are quite expensive) and found nothing that did what I needed, I built my own “SEO Master” tool to do keyword research and rank tracking.

I’ll give you umlimited access to this tool for free!

And, because the SEO landscape can change frequently, I’ll also give you free updates for a whole year, so you’ll get any new videos I produce and pay nothing.

Course is now FREE

You can get the entire SEO from Scratch course free here.

About the author

Ben Hunt

Ben has over 20 years' experience in web design and marketing, and is one of the most influential figures on the subject of effective web design. He has written a bunch of books and spoken at multiple conferences internationally. In 2015, Ben created Open-Source Marketing, which promises to turn the practice of marketing upside down.. Find out more at http://opensourcemarketingproject.org

Ifiok Nkem - 3 years ago

Hi Ben, this is great… just doing some simple things the right way! I will like to see this kind of growth in traffic on my websites.

Megan Bennett - 3 years ago

Again, you’ve done an excellent job of offering really top help for a subject that can be hard to understand. Great job Ben. Loved this short course! Fast. Easy to understand.

For everyone else – the spread sheet tool Ben gives out is worth the investment in the course *** on its own. *** It will help you quickly process diags on a client’s chances of ranking for a keyword/phrase.

Marj - 3 years ago

I’m so puzzled by this offer. I find now method to actually purchase the training series. With no date on the post, it is impossible for me to determine if it is old.

    Ben Hunt - 3 years ago

    Hi Marj. Thank you. I removed one link to a launch offer that a third party was running, and forgot to replace it with the regular link!
    Totally my oversight, and I really appreciate your comment.
    Sign up here.

Romeo Hossain - 3 years ago

Hi Ben!

I am amazed to read all the detail above and was thinking about the penguin update. Can you please inform whether your present SEO course is up to date with the recent updates of Google animals?

I am really looking forward to learn.

    Ben Hunt - 3 years ago

    Even better, my SEO tactics should always be Google-update-proof!

Romeo Hossain - 3 years ago

Thanks for the reply Ben.

Romeo Hossain - 3 years ago

Hey Ben

I was trying to purchase your SEO from Scratch. In your posting I fond that you are offering $60 discount so the price will be $39. But, when I am trying to sign in it is sending a bill of $99 to my paypal account. Can you please inform me should I have to put any coupon no for being able to purchase the offer at $39?

Waiting your reply.

    Ben Hunt - 3 years ago

    Hi. It is now $99. Sorry, the launch promotion ended weeks ago. It’s still great value though!

Romeo Hossain - 3 years ago

Thanks. I am going to avail it now and wish I will gather vast knowledge from this regarding SEO.

Romeo Hossain - 3 years ago

I purchased your SEO from scratch. Require little help. What do you mean with

    Ben Hunt - 3 years ago

    The SEO Master Google Doc spreadsheet. There’s a link to it on the SEOfS index page.

naveen - a couple of years ago

is this a one time payment or some package for a specific time . if one time than how would we get the latest google changes .is it user friendly or requires learning some language and courses to understand it .

    Ben Hunt - a couple of years ago

    It’s a one-time payment. It should actually be immune to Google changes, because I teach a pure white-hat approach.

    And it’s simply video-based, with an online spreadsheet you can use, but requires very little prior technical knowledge.

Shimaa Marzouk - a couple of years ago

thanks very much it is ovbvious that SEO can do al the job for you

Nory - a couple of years ago

Thanks for this excellent explanation of the differences. I would like to sign up for the $99 SEO from Scratch, but the link above sends me to a page that offers a monthly sign up for the Pro Web Design course. Am I missing something?

    Ben Hunt - a couple of years ago

    Hi Nory. Sorry about that. I recently upgraded the membership software. It’s now updated. Please try again now.

islam fady - a couple of years ago

hi Ben
that’s good to know about ur offer SEO .. i’m read all detalis and i’ll think to Subscribe with you .. thank you

Mark - a couple of years ago

The last post that I see was done way over a year ago. Are you still in business and doing well? Who are your clients (websites that you have helped)?

    Ben Hunt - a couple of years ago

    Hi Mark.

    Yes, this is a service that my PWDA members offer to many of their clients, as part of our 360-degree offering.

    I actually did some of this very work for a quick project just last week – resulting in a 50% increase in non-paid search traffic for just a couple of hours’ work.

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