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End of Year Sale – 50% off the Best Web Design Course Ever (CLOSED)

2011 is drawing to a close. Are you ready for 2012?

If you’re like many people, 2012 will bring uncertainty. Unemployment is high, jobs are scarce, and bills just seem to be going up. Plenty of people who do have jobs are feeling uncertain about the future.

If you think it’s time for a change, I would like to help. (Give me 2 minutes of your time to read on, because there’s an amazing offer coming.)

Over the past 13 months, I have helped dozens of people to master web marketing and design, through my Pro Web Design Course.

Friends, this course really, really works! It will transform the way you look at websites, and you’ll discover how easy it can be to make websites that get more traffic and more results.

Guaranteed Success? Really?!


I’ve put 15+ years of experience into a six month program. That’s right. Every weekday for six whole months, there’s a video which will help raise your game, show you the skills you need to make websites that work, and coach you to become the success you can be.

There is no course that covers all the areas the Pro Web Design Course will teach you: SEO, Graphic design, Copywriting, Business, Branding, HTML, CSS, WordPress… And there’s something else that is hard to describe – the way of thinking like a successful designer. That’s the key.

It really is the most successful thing I’ve ever done! Here’s a message one new student sent me two weeks ago.

“I purchased Ben’s web design course a while back. This is the third web design course I purchased. It is hands down the best course I have seen. I have learned more from Ben than the other two combined. I still have a way to go but I am very pleased with the course.”

Dave Adkins (23 November 2011)

I’m so confident that I even guarantee that anyone who completes this course and puts its recommendations into action will profit! If you haven’t made more than your money back after 6 months, I’ll just hand your course fee back to you.

Success Story

Fredrik Lange from Sweden took my course, and it literally transformed his life. Here’s what he said when I asked what he’d gotten out of the course.

Far more then I ever expected. I design web sites in a way that even veteran Swedish web designers dont undestand and they cant respond to it. They cannot deliver results, which I can. They make a science of something I can make simple.

It has taken my business to a whole new level and a whole new approach to every detail in my business really.

From selling to producing to follow up — every word — every sale — everything has changed for the better with new understanding of people and marketing.

That is not including the leads to the system seminar which led to affiliate marketing, webinars etc., which I probably would never have found unless I was on the PWDC.

Oh btw, the price is not to high. If anything you could charge more.

Here is a great summary. I used to drive a old Saab and now I drive a new Audi. That just says everything.

Without giving you my life background, but I have no prior education.

I’ve been making web sites as a hobby for 10 years but never known anything about internet marketing.

After “Swedish high school” I went to work as a car mechanic at my dad’s company.

Clients used to just get a web site. These days they know that if they give me one dollar they will probably get 2 or 3 dollars back. They get business which is what its all about.

I was not really a professional so I obviously learned ALOT. But that also says alot about the quality of the course. I skipped everything about HTML, CSS and Photoshop and still I’ve learned more then I could ever expect.

Professionals can learn from it, beginners can learn alot from it. It also puts web design in a brand new perspective that it’s not about development skills.

After watching month one, I emailed 4-5 of my clients and asked to make some changes to their website and I said: “Its just an experiment, but if this makes a good impact on your conversion, is it OK if I charge X dollars?” The course paid for itself from just the impact of one of those “experiments”.

Most of this stuff is fundamental and that’s the part we’re missing.

Everything has changed since the course.

Also not included, the absolutely great “community” feel to the forums and blog posting and everything.

Here is a short list of what has changed because of the course:

  • Business is developed from a clients perspective
  • Business is beeing done outside Sweden aswell.
  • I also makes web site reviewes — and people pay for the opinion
  • Every design comes with a “strategy” or a “This is how its gonna work for you”
  • When people ask how much it cost to make a web site, the only answer is “How much do you want to earn?”
  • When people ask why something is not working I love to be able to say “Because…” rather then “huh.. well I dont know”.
  • Marketing is no longer a gamble and I try to make sure my clients feel the same way
  • Selling production / programming is no longer as important — more time goes to creating result.
I’ve been planning to make that testimonial video for you but Ben, you’ve kind of made me busy :-P

Fredrik Lange (14 July 2011)

Are You Ready to Transform Your Life?

If you would like a new start, a new career in web design or marketing, I believe you can do it. The world needs great web people, and there just are not enough of them.


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