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DHTML Decision Making Tool

I wrote this handy decision-maker a few years ago on a train journey, party because I wanted to use it myself, and also to test what was possible with DHTML.

It’s something I’ve found useful a few times – and I hope you do too.

How to use

  • The grid lets you enter options (things you’ll choose between) in columns. Just click the “add option” button, and enter the name of each option.
  • Then you need to enter criteria that you want to rate your options on, like price, quality, frequency etc. Click the “add criteria” button and name your criteria.
  • Each criterion needs a weight (from 1 to 10), which indicates how important it is relative to the other criteria.
  • Then, just mark your options on the criteria by typing a number from 0 to 10 in the grid. The total scores will be calculated for you at the bottom of each column.
  • You can add or delete options and criteria as much as you like.
  • To save your grid, or to send it to someone else, just copy the “Permanent link” which will appear above.


Example decision grid

Try my decision maker for yourself >>

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