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A Very Exclusive Opportunity – How to be #1 Launch Offer

I am about to tell you about an incredible opportunity – but I’ll say right now it is not for everyone.

The fact is, you are probably not ready for this.

But I would ask you to read on, because just maybe this is exactly what you need…

Today, I am launching my new book. It has taken me six months to write, but it has been eight years in the making.

It chronicles my journey from being a consultant who earned his money working for clients to being a true niche marketer who makes more money by not working at all.

The sad part is, if I knew eight years ago a fraction of what’s in this book, I would never have had to work again.

Don’t get me wrong.. I have an office, and a computer, and I still choose to do projects with hand-picked clients. But this isn’t work. It’s play that pays 🙂

And in this book, I’ll not only tell you how I did it, but I’ll show you step-by-step how you can do it too!

This isn’t one of those internet marketing pitches we’ve all heard… “Hey, look at my row of sports cars – if you buy my two thousand dollar course, and learn this one trick to fool Google, you’ll be banking checks like this within days!”

That stuff is bullshit, and the guys who sell it are (usually) con men.

What I’m promising to give you is the real thing, based on years of experience and experimentation.

In fact, I guarantee it (see below)!

I’ll show you how I got into a position of financial independence by doing good, by being honest, and by helping other people to lead better lives.

I’ll tell you what I tried, where I messed up (and I have messed up badly), and – most importantly – what worked. So that you can do the same.

The book is called “How to be #1” and it is my complete handbook for niche domination.

A niche is a particular place in a market where you can be #1. In the book, I describe the compelling reasons why you should be working today to be #1 at something.

Then, in three simple easy-to-follow phases, I’ll show you how you can do it!

  1. First, I’ll take you through the steps of targeting your ideal niche: working every day in an area where you have useful knowledge, where you can make money but – most importantly – that you LOVE!
  2. Then I’ll show you no less than 41 tactics you can start using today to occupy your niche.
  3. In the final section, I’ll give you 19 monetization tactics to help you create a passive income for years to come.

I can say without hesitation that the knowledge in this book could be worth a million dollars to you!! (It has already proved to be worth more than that to me)

How much is this ebook?

Well, I’m not selling you the book. Books are fine. You read them, they inspire you, you forget about them.

I can’t tell you how many inspiring books I have read and forgotten entirely. Only pieces of the best books seem to stick.

No, you don’t need a book. And I don’t want a bunch of people out there with an ebook just sitting on their hard drive, not making them money.

If you are someone who is ready to build a new lifestyle and start an entirely new line of business that you can be passionate about, I’ll make you an offer.

This isn’t an inert theoretical manual. This is a collection of tactics ready to be put into action.

So I have set up a website where I am personally going to coach you on putting the “How to be #1” model into practice.

The thing about niche marketing is, if everyone is in their own niche, it can feel a bit remote. On my site, as part of my group, you will meet other people who are moving in a similar direction to you, on parallel paths. We will all share our successes, and failures. We will encourage each other. And I will be there to fill in any gaps, to help you to make your niche domination plan a reality.

I have set the cost of this at just $197 (which seems ridiculously low now), for a whole year’s access to the group at http://howtobe1.com.

You’ll get:

  • Exclusive access to my training
  • To meet and learn from other niche marketers
  • Additional bonus materials like interviews and case studies
  • Instant updates of the “How to be #1” book
  • Private video coaching calls
  • Opportunities for collaboration (worth a fortune)

… for a full twelve months.

If this is for you, head over to http://howtobe1.com , click the PayPal button, and sign up. I will personally send you the book and add you to the group (please allow a few hours, as I do have to sleep).

My Personal No-Quibble Guarantee

I believe that this works so powerfully, I am happy to back it up with my own money.

If you participate in my group, read and apply the knowledge in “How to be #1”, and put its recommendations into practice, if you have not made your investment back within 12 months, I will personally give you every penny back.

Join now at http://howtobe1.com


Here’s what people are already saying about “How to be #1”

“How to be #1 is a book you can read in a day, but you’ll be referring back to and rereading it many times over.

Ben provides a simple easy to follow plan for owning your niche. It really is a blueprint for monetizing your passions.

As with all Ben’s books it is well written, easy to read and packed full of pracical advice. Ben shares his journey of developing his own niche, telling you what worked and what failed for him. This is real world stuff, not a dry academic text book.

What I wasn’t expecting was how motivating the book is. For quite some time I’d resigned myself to the default “web designer for location X” niche, which to me is a bit of a cop out and to be honest – a bit boring.

By half way through this book I had thought of a new niche and some products I could develop. It really is an inspirational read.

Ben’s enthusaim for the subject is contagious.

Within hours of finishing the book I’ve cleared my desk of work that was not important and was getting in my way. I’m going to concentrate on refining and planning my niche. No doubt referring back to “How to be #1″ many times.

Thank you Ben – this really was an unexpected outcome from a quiet Sunday read. I can’t wait for the supporting community to be launched.”
~ Derek

“The Occupy Your Niche section  in “How to Be #1” is worth the price of admission.

More than just a list of ideas, these are methods to move your business forward. I found several which I can integrate into my business.

Ben Hunt Delivers!”
Vida Evelyn, WAH Boomers

“I have read quite a few about business books but this is the first one that left me feeling excited!

You might say there are are plenty of other inspirational business writers out there. However, what is unique about this work is that he combines a great writing style and inspirational message with hands-on tools and advice on creating and monetising a specialist internet presence.

The combination is priceless!

Neil Moffatt, author, Delphi Basics

You can join Derek, Neil, and Vida and the rest of my Niche Domination group over at http://howtobe1.com. Join us today, and let’s make something amazing happen!

Best wishes,

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