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10 FREE Ways to Promote Your Business Online


1. Sponsor the Day

Sponsor the Day

Sponsor the Day isn’t free, but you could get good exposure for a very small bid.

It works like this.. You can bid to be the “official&rduo; sponsor of a calendar day. If you are successful, you get your graphic on the home page for a day, and your promotion pushed to all Sponsor the Day’s followers on Facebook.

2. Google Local

Google Local

Any land-based business should be on Google Local.

Tightly integrating with Google Maps, Google Local is a great way to get your business to show up on Google searches.

Takes longer to add your business, partly depending on the confirmation method used (phone call is clever, postal is slower), after which you need to wait another couple of weeks typically, but worth doing today.


3. HotFrog

Hot Frog

Another strong & multi-national business-listing site.

HotFrog is a nice simple business listing site (no reviews), active in several countries round the world, including the UK and Australia.


4. Windows Live

Windows Live

The Windows Live Local Listing Center is also free with reasonable reach.

Launched in October 2007, Microsoft’s Windows Live Local Listing Center service allows business owners to add their business information within Live search and Virtual Earth.


5. Yahoo! Local

Yahoo Local

Like the People’s Guide, Yahoo Local is a combined business listing and community review site, organised by location and category.

Pretty clean and well laid-out site that’s certainly worth adding your bricks & mortar business to, if your city is featured. Wide range of categories too.

Note that, if you get reviews via Yahoo! Local, businesses with higher ratings get higher listings.


6. Yellow Pages.com

Yellow Pages

Needs no introduction for most people. Strong brand recognition.

Yellow Pages is certainly big in the US and UK. The big US site does offer a free listing.


7. Best of the Web.com

Best of the Web.com

Offers free advertising for the first 60 days only.

Basically premium search results ad placement, similar to AdWords, the free 60-day trial is worth taking advantage of.


8. Adland Pro

Adland Pro

AdlandPro has apparently been offering free and paid advertising services to small businesses since 1996.

Allows you to place free ads in classifieds and community pages, and also in a “Free Traffic Exchange” system, which looks a little riskier.


9. Squidoo


A good number of lenses on the Squidoo network offer the opportunity to add a link to your site, free.

Squidoo gives you simple tools to build your own web pages, and get a share of ad revenue, so it’s also a route to a budget web site where you can promote your products or services. (Also have a useful page about free advertising.)


10. eBay


OK, maybe not free, but don’t overlook finding advertising bargains on eBay

Don’t forget that a lot of people auction promotions on eBay. It’s possible to pick up really cheap mailouts or ad runs, without investing too much time either.


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