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#1 Productivity Tip: Standing Desk!

Here’s what may very well be my number one most powerful productivity tip! Get yourself a standing desk!

I suffered from lower back pain for so long that I was willing to try anything. So I built myself a standing desk…

My first version was home-made, with my monitors perched on a small table and my keyboard on top of a shredder. Worked great though!

My first home-made standing desk setup. Click to view large photo.

My first home-made standing desk setup. Click to view large photo.

The fact is that the human body does not work well when sitting down for long periods. Sitting places extra pressure on the lower back, which is bad for your muscles, blood flow, digestion, and who knows what else?

My work rate and output transformed when I moved from sitting to standing as I worked. It sorted out my persistent lower back pain problems, increased my energy, and improved my mood.

In this short video I’ll explain the two simple things you need to do in order to get your standing desk ergonomics right.

Get or Make Your Own Standing Desk

I would definitely encourage you to try building one of these desks yourself, and try it… but try it for a full month!

The reason is that my back pain felt worse for the first couple of weeks, as my back muscles adapted to being used to hold me upright full-time.

But stick with it, because when you discover how much stronger you feel in your core, you’ll never want to go back to sitting down. You just need to work through the initial discomfort of getting those muscles stronger.

The image below gives you an idea of the kind of shape your body should have when standing. For many of us, weak core muscles (in the back, abdominals and obliques) mean that we simply are not able to hold that good posture indefinitely. Standing as you work will definitely help this.

(You can probably see on the video that my back is quite swayed, showing large curvature, like a shaved silverback gorilla! That may be because I have only switched back to my standing working position one working day ago. I expect my posture to improve significantly over the next few weeks.)


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