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Let Me Teach You My Professional Web Design Skills

I’m going to make you a unique offer – to learn everything you need to be a professional web designer direct from me, over a six-month course.

Let me tell you – web design is a great career. It’s creative, varied, and fun. And the world needs good web designers more than ever.

It has also never been easier to make web sites. There are tools and resources available to you today – many of which are free – that make creating web sites simple.

The challenge is making web sites that actually work! Sites that are found by the right people, that engage their attention, and achieve their goals. Most web sites don’t do this well.

The World Needs Good Web Designers

There are more web sites than ever. And good web design is better than ever. Still, the vast majority of web sites are really bad.

The opportunities for people who know the difference between good web design and bad web design are massive.

I’ve been crafting web sites for over 15 years. I’ve made all kinds of sites: portals, brochure sites, web applications, e-commerce sites, and commercial software, for clients including government, ISPs, corporations, entrepreneurs, and small business owners.

I have done practically every role there is: designer, developer, project manager, salesperson, account manager, brand consultant, and trainer…

Along the way I have had lots of successes, and a few failures too. Thanks to all this experience, I’ve developed techniques for producing great web sites that really work – and that clients love.

But this isn’t about my distinguished web design career… It’s about YOURS.

The Secrets to Success

Books and blogs can only teach you so much. They can’t show you what really makes the difference between a successful web designer and one who struggles to get by month to month.

You see, to make a success in web design, you don’t have to be a graphics whiz, you don’t need advanced programming skills, and you don’t need to spend a fortune on hardware, software or marketing.

Success in web design comes down to getting a few core things right:

  • Know your strengths. Find out what you can do particularly well – and what motivates you.
  • Craft that into a succinct and compelling message, and get it to the right audience.
  • Then deliver a package of services that delights your customers!

I Want to Teach YOU My Techniques

Ben Hunt photo

I had a realisation recently. I’m absolutely passionate about making the web work better, so that more people can achieve more online with less pain and more pleasure!

As you probably know, I’m committed to teaching people how to do web design brilliantly. I have a great track record already. My online tutorials are read a million times a month. My first book has sold over 8,000 copies, and my second is hitting the shelves in January 2011.

Here’s a Funny Story

At our agency, we’ve employed two sales guys in the past few years, Chris and Marc.

Upon leaving the job, both of these guys immediately set up as professional web designers, using the insights and knowledge they gained working as part of our team.

What’s more, they’re both earning a decent living – that’s without any formal training from me!

I want to give you the chance to learn everything you need to know to be a pro web designer. In fact, I’m offering to train you myself over six months.

Announcing My Pro Web Design Course

In November 2010 I launched a new course in practical, commercial web design, designed to run over six months. But you can follow it at your own pace.

There has never been a course like this!

  • You’ll get all the core skills and capabilities to be able to make a living crafting effective web sites for paying clients.
  • I’ll teach you the stuff you really need to know – which you can only learn from an experienced professional practitioner.
  • That means you’ll learn not only how to build appealing web sites, but to market them effectively, drive traffic to them, and even optimise them for more conversions, so you can give your clients great results.
  • This really is about practical, real-world skills that you can use to create your own web design business, find customers, deliver a great service, and make money.
  • You can learn in your own time, at a pace that suits you.

My course is designed to show you how to build a business that’s profitable and rewarding.

You may already be working for yourself, or as part of a team. You can use the principles and skills in the Pro Web Design Course to find more success and enjoyment, whatever your situation.

How the Course Works

The course will be delivered entirely over the Internet, so you can work at your own pace, and cover the materials as many times as you need.

Materials are a combination of:

  • Video screencasts (the primary medium), which you can download and review as often as you like, plus…
  • Worksheets and checklists to print and refer to.
  • Dozens of case studies and worked examples.
  • Exercises and practical tests to complete, with a final practical project.

Every month you'll get dozens of hands-on worked examples

What You’ll Learn

There is just too much content in my Pro Web Design Course to put it all here. Among many other things, you’ll learn…

  • Creative skills: Graphic design, layout, typography, usability, persuasion…
  • Technical skills: Web page production using HTML & CSS (including the latest versions), developing sites in WordPress, fundamentals of JavaScript and PHP, etc.
  • Traffic generation – the essence of ultimate search engine optmisation, plus a bunch of techniques I have never before taught anyone, which will enable you to attract far more traffic (to your own web site and your customers’ sites).
  • New Business skills: Positioning, branding, pricing, client management, and sales.
  • Plus, the fundamental attitude of a business owner who delivers great results for great clients, makes money, and enjoys their job!

What You Need to Put In

Well, you don’t need any design experience. There are no specialist skills required. I can teach you what you need to know, working with your abilities.

You will need to invest a minimum of 6 hours per week to cover all the coursework materials and exercises.

You do need to understand English, and you do need a computer with a good Internet connection, and use of a graphics package (Photoshop preferred). Most of the other software you may need is available free of charge.

My Promises to You…

Upon successful completion of the course, you will have…

  • Confidence in your ability to run a profitable web design business, to market and sell your services, and to deliver a good product and service that will delight your customers.
  • Your own web site that effectively promotes your web design business.
  • That’s well represented in search engine results to be visible to your target market.
  • Loads of resources to help you create great web sites with ease (including graphic templates and code examples).
  • A range of high-value services to offer your clients.

What I’m offering you is a partnership. I am 100% committed to giving you the chance of a new career as a pro web designer.

I can only deliver that if you are also 100% committed. You need to be someone who is ready to take on training for a new career.

If you know this is you, you should book your place RIGHT NOW.

Book Here

Subscribe now and start straight away, at just $97 per month (13 monthly payments).

That’s less than many one-day marketing seminars, and you’re getting six months of training direct from me.

Find out more & sign up


  • You can take this course from anywhere in the world, as long as you have a decent Internet connection.
  • You don’t need any specific technical skills to start. I’ll teach you what you need to know.
  • This is real-world professional web design training you will not find anywhere else at any price.
  • If, for any reason, the course does not live up to your expectations, you can cancel your PayPal subscription at any time.

Not ready yet?

If you know it’s not for you right now, but you’d like to hear from me when we’re ready to take bookings on the live Pro Web Design Course, just drop your email into this box here.

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If you’re ready to take on the challenge of training with me for 6 months, you’ll know it, so click on the button above to reserve your spot.

If you’re unsure, you’re a “No” for now, and that’s completely OK. Just join the mailing list and I’ll keep you informed. Maybe the time will be right in a few months’ time.

I’ll also send you your access code, which you can use to view the first month’s content.


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