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ben-hunt-roundMy passion is discovering what makes web pages work better - and to share that knowledge with the world.

I have been a pro web designer since 1994. I started Web Design from Scratch in 2004 to share free articles and tutorials on effective web design, covering a range of topics from graphic design to SEO, HTML and CSS to copywriting.

Here’s the most important thing I’ve discovered‚Ķ Most of what we think makes a difference (i.e. generates action, signups, sales etc.) really doesn’t!

Truthfully, to be among the very best web designers today, you need to master a range of marketing skills, but most of all you need insights to know what matters, what to change, and when.

That’s what I teach with my comprehensive Pro Web Design Course: Now over 100 hours!! of the best advice and the best examples that show you how to design websites the right way.

The course includes absolutely every product, book, or video that I create. I add new content every single month, to make the Pro Web Design Course the most valuable resource you could ever find if you’re serious about making money online.

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